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1. 'It's giving me more things to be fearful of, ' Ryan said, referring to the disclosures of some banks' large holdings of loans to customers in troubled countries. 1
2. "China's Eximbank acts as an investor (providing) loans," Magauov said. "Sinopec Engineering is a contractor." 1
3. A cautious man would have inspected the properties he was lending against, for nothing but property underpinned the loans. 1
4. A considerable part of these funds was passed on as dinar loans to domestic enterprises. 1
5. A lager amount of British college students apply for government loans to pay school fees. 1
6. A lower interest rate, in fact, than for unsecured loans. 1
7. A new accounting standard allowed the thrifts to amortize the losses over the life of the loans. 1
8. A statement Friday by the China Banking Regulatory Commission says it is ordering banks to withdraw loans from companies running obsolete equipment and causing too much pollution. 1
9. A withholding tax is withheld from a foreign corporation and levied on interest paid on loans. 1
10. A. International financial institution loans. 1
11. About 500 million pounds of existing loans are in the form of a revolving line of credit for working capital, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. 1
12. About one - tenth ( and growing ) of the big four banks'corporate loans go to property. 1
13. According to its preliminary prospectus, the company plans to use the proceeds of its offering to open new outlets in China and to repay bank loans. 1
14. According to Naomi Fink of the banking arm of MUFG, much of the liquidity available is in the form of inter-company loans, meaning that big firms keep their suppliers afloat. 1
15. Account holders with the bank qualify for a discount on loans. 1
16. Accounts receivable may be pledged, assigned, or factored as a means of obtaining short-term loans. 1
17. Across India prices are rising fast, factories are at full capacity , loans are piling up. 1
18. Across India prices are rising fast, factories at full capacity, loans are piling up. 1
19. Administration of the registration of foreign exchange credits of domestic foreign exchange loans. 1
20. After all, if they defaulted on their loans, the banks would repossess the house at a higher value. 1
21. After all, young adults accept student loans and credit cards gladly and most repay dutifully. 1
22. After America criticized China for using state loans to support its leading companies, the Federal Reserve has started handing out loans to critical U.S. companies. 2
23. After graduation, a student's loans were to be paid off by his or her employer in a lump sum, and the money was to be repaid to the employer by the student through five years of payroll deductions. 1
24. After scholarships, loans and acquiring every piece of possible information about payment options, tax breaks and savings, I finally grasped the enormousness of my total educational burden. 1
25. Aid and other school loans depend on what tax bracket you or your families are in. 1
26. ALIX SCOTT: "I have to save for all my college money because my parents, they can't afford to co-sign on loans. 1
27. ALIX SCOTT: "I have to save for all my college money because my parents, they can't afford to co-sign on loans. So, I have to rely on my own savings." 1
28. All government loans are to be repaid before Fiat could take majority ownership of Chrysler in the future. 1
29. All loans within the Homebuilder Division met strict underwriting standards, including significant documentation requirements, and were issued to creditworthy homebuilders. 1
30. All new loans must be approved by the bank manager. 1

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