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# Sentence Times
1. 'A Consortium for Electronic Publication in the Humanities', with links to many projects of interest, e. g. Pompeian Households. 1
2. 'Clear link'The study suggests one in five of all peanut allergy sufferers have a Filaggrin defect. 0
3. " As for detained American human rights activist Harry Wu Hongda, Qian said the case had "no links to Sino-U.S. ties. 1
4. " Disco " vinyl records in the database (all categories), with the tracks of the album, and production records, including photographs, for the "registration" and use of disco link disarmament. 1
5. "But much worse, of course, in terms of real sustainability is damage to the life-support system, " McMichael, who is studying the links between temperature rises and disease, added. 1
6. "If one looks at some of the terrorist acts that have occurred within the past several years, you'll see that a substantial link between false identification and terrorism" he said. 1
7. "It depends on the service but certainly our ridership growth is linked to the fuel prices," he said in an interview. 1
8. "Our dream, which is slowly coming to fruition, is to have our wines linked to the country's image and tourism, just like regions like Tuscany or Piemonte boast of their wines, " he said. 1
9. "Poverty is quite a big factor and directly intrinsically linked to the economic interest ," Odongo said. 1
10. "Since decreased dopamine function is believed to play a critical role in restless legs syndrome as well, this could be the link between the 2, " he said. 1
11. "The direct linkage between the sensory system and aging is absolutely fascinating, " Wheeler said. 1
12. "There may be an important link with breast and ovarian cancer, " Stanhope says. 1
13. "There remains a need to get the message out to the driving community that speed is linked to accidents, and that attitudes that condone speeding are a road safety problem, " Tranter writes. 1
14. "They can come here, or we can have a video linkup, or they can accept a statement of mine, " he said. 1
15. "They're all linked together like an orchestra, " so when one cycle is out of whack, it tends to sideswipe the others as well. 1
16. "This is really still mysterious," said Clyde Francks, a geneticist and the lead author of a 2007 study in which Oxford University researchers identified a genetic variant linked to left-handedness. 1
17. "Unquestionably, I think a major link is to the underlying temperaments of both bipolar illness and depression, of reflectiveness and so forth, " Jamison said. 1
18. "We tried to disentangle the 'genetic link' and the 'exposure' hypothesis in free-living feral pigeons Columba livia, " Ms Jacquin reported. 0
19. A : Excuse me , can I transact Bank - Insurance link business in your bank? 1
20. A "bally" is a bandana or balaclava covering the face: "What ever ends your from put your ballys on link up and cause havic, " was one BBM injunction. 1
21. A 1816 penny was the missing link in my collection of pennies. 1
22. A cabinet minister came under investigation for links to the Mafia. 1
23. A calculation is made. to the radial feed kinematic link, it also gives the calculated result for change gear. 1
24. A calculation procedure is thus given to integrate all the state vectors of individual rotors together so as to form a systematical state vector to link all rotors together through coupling elements. 1
25. A central part of our view of individual agents is our conviction that there is an explanatory link between belief and action. 1
26. A chain can only be as strong as its weakest link, so we must look at the least committed country to see if the alliance will hold.This website 1
27. A chain is no stronger than its weakest link.  1
28. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  1
29. A chain linking her handcuffs was tied to a bar above her, and Sams warned there were boulders over her head. 1
30. A changeable resistance was linked in series between the anion and cathode of the macrocell to simulate the change of the concrete resistance. 1

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