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# Sentence Times
1. "If the negative image caused by food safety issues cannot be corrected, its impact on the inbound (tourist) market will linger," she said, without elaboration. 1
2. A couple had lingered purposely to watch the maid serve the chop to Princess Thingumabob. 1
3. A faint scent of tobacco and fish lingered, even though one of the windows had been opened. 1
4. A famous Egyptian film, "Nasser 56", lingers nostalgically over the Egyptian leader. 1
5. A guerrilla war has lingered into its fourth decade. 1
6. A key question lingering is where the investors' money went. 1
7. A leather dress built with a corset top but worn over a white shirt with a clerical collar picked up their signature look of visible lingerie. 1
8. A lingering ear infection got him grounded. 1
9. A magnanimous gesture from the founders of the Open Software Foundation is needed now to heal any lingering breeches in the industry. 1
10. A musk smell lingered on Groves' sleeve, from where the female snake had curled around his arm. 1
11. A perfect creation originating from the art of cognac, Martell XO has a delicate balance between strength and elegance. Its powerful taste is distinctive, with a long lingering after-taste. 1
12. A relaxed-looking Jobs lingered near the theater stage for more than 20 minutes after the show wrapped up, chatting amiably with acquaintances and Apple employees. 1
13. A tall, fast-talking southerner whose accent still lingers despite her years in the north, Porter does not suffer fools gladly. 1
14. A wish for a truly merry Christmas and may the joy of Christmas linger in your heart all the year! 1
15. A: Hey , pretty young thing ! How about some kinky lingerie? 1
16. According to his pupil Xenophon, Socrates felt that, at age 70, he would be better off dead than to linger in exile or confinement. 1
17. Ada and Richard were lingering for a few moments by the fire. 1
18. Africanized honeybees circle the center of an Ochroma bloom, drinking nectar, while a black wasp lingers on a petal rim. 1
19. After an hour or so the Carpettes still linger in the parking lot as the coach doors slam shut. 1
20. After declining during the l970s, the global population growth rate lingered at 1. 7 percent during the 1980s. 1
21. After left the market, beheading in front of the mass still lingered on Laotse's mind. 1
22. After passion, perhaps you still yearn for warmth of a lingering " suffixal " . 1
23. After the play had finished, we lingered for a while in the bar hoping to catch sight of the actors. 1
24. after-taste : The taste of wine lingering in afterwine has been swallowed. See FINISH. 1
25. Agent Provocateur lingerie is the most erotic lingerie in the world. 2
26. Ah me! to linger there, To drink deep and to dream in that sweet solitude. ---- D. G. Rossetti . 1
27. Alas, the poll tax will linger on, in less expensive form, until April 1993. 1
28. All night long the thought of his being hand in glove with Harry Martin had lingered at the back of her mind. 1
29. All people were frightened to scurry away at all directions when the governmental conscription order issued. Only Mr. Shu lingered freely on the street, without fear of the conscription. 1
30. All the other guests had gone home, but Cage lingered about as if she wanted to talk to me. 1




lingers (third person present) · lingered (past tense) · lingered (past participle) · lingering (present participle)

  - stay in a place longer than necessary because of a reluctance to leave.


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