Lethal Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A combination of the Mushrooms and the Varham's Aqua Vitae, this lethal liquid will leave their bodies completely disabled while you choose their fate. 1
2. A Green Party spokesman said that spent fuel rods are highly radioactive and potentially lethal. 1
3. A hammer can be a lethal weapon. 1
4. A lethal charge that lurked around the next junction? 1
5. A lethal cocktail of pollutants is being poured into Scotland's coastal waters, according to Greenpeace. 1
6. a lethal dose of poison. 1
7. A man awaiting death by lethal injection has been saved by a last minute reprieve. 1
8. A particular lubricant can be used in anti - runway of aerodrome a new kind of non - lethal weapon. 1
9. A sudden change in water temperature can also be lethal. 1
10. A third copy of any other chromosome is lethal, as a person gets 1.5 times the dose of the genes on it, knocking the chemical balance out of kilter. 1
11. A tiny amount laced in a letter can be lethal. 1
12. A woman who takes birth control pills, smokes, and is older than 35 years of age runs a much higher than normal risk of developing lethal blood clots. 1
13. A worker at a Russian nuclear facility gets exposed to a lethal dose of radiation. 1
14. After a lethal plant virus swept through this field trial in Tha Pra, Thailand, the GM papaya trees on the right stood hearty, while the conventional trees on the left fell sickly and fruitless. 1
15. After all, each state comprised an often lethal cocktail of peoples. 1
16. After you tech, Devastator Warships are lethal for buildings as well as infantry. 1
17. AIDS, the last stage of HIV infection, is defined the appearance of potentially lethal opportunistic infections. 1
18. AIM: 1. To establish a lidocaine subarachnoid anesthesia death model with dogs, observe the vital sign and pathology of dogs after a lethal dose of lidocaine being injected into subarachnoid space. 1
19. All these knives are absolutely lethal. 1
20. Almost any sharp or pointed object can potentially be a lethal weapon. 1
21. Along with the apparent lethality of the 25th, she also respects in the rule of three. 1
22. Also unclear is whether execution by lethal injection will have any effect on the death penalty as a crime deterrent. 1
23. Although mines and booby traps are often lumped together and share a lethal simplicity, they are actually very different weapons. 1
24. AMERICANS do it guiltily, Russians casually, Africans lethally and the French habitually. 1
25. An aptly named gas, discovered in 1766, it had that potentially lethal combination of having both explosive and lifting properties. 1
26. And I've always liked to be ready for surprises, especially the lethal sort. 1
27. And it promised to be the most weird - was definitely the most lethal. 1
28. And Warren E. Buffett presciently observed five years ago that derivatives were "financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal." 1
29. Anencephalus is, of course, a lethal congenital abnormality. 1
30. Another factor that needs to be considered when policy is formulated is that lethal malformation will not always be diagnosed before delivery. 1

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