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1. 'This is not putting people first, it's putting profits first, it's putting repossession first, ' said Kam Nai-wai, a Democratic Party legislator who opposed the amendment. 1
2. A DPP legislator sustained a brain injury and is hospitalized. 1
3. A dubious reform written in the Senate, Proposition 112 in 1990, barred legislators from receiving speaking fees. 1
4. A good lawyer makes a good legislator. 1
5. A legislator should be the servant of his constituents, not their master. 1
6. A lot of legislators listened to them, because their constituents liked the roadwork even if they had resisted paying for it. 1
7. A tenth of its state legislators may be indicted following a corruption sting. 1
8. A vote was scheduled later Tuesday night after all-day meetings at legislators' offices and in a hotel near the Congress building. 1
9. Abandoned to the "compassion" of the social reformer or legislator, many of them would have nowhere to go except a state mental-health facility. 1
10. According to Robespierre, who copies Rousseau literally, the legislator begins by decreeing the end for which the commonwealth has come into being. 1
11. According to Saint - Just , only the legislator is capable of doing this. 1
12. And as the pace of state legislating continues to quicken, so too will legislators' needs for precooked bills. 1
13. And Democratic legislators lack the numbers in the statehouse to delay action with a walkout. 1
14. And in return, legislators depend heavily on the mainstream media for their large-scale financial contributions and favorable press coverage. 1
15. As a result, legislator employ various procedual devices to handle knotty problems. 1
16. As it was, those legislators owed black voters nothing and were therefore free to take positions openly hostile to them. 1
17. As legislator, the student helps make Policy that affects the content of the subjects he is going to study. 1
18. Brazil's politicians and legislators often afoul of the law, as well. 1
19. Britain is a country without entrenched constitutional limits on the powers of its supreme regular legislator, Parliament. 1
20. Business agents, stewards, to me, are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. 1
21. But the proposals were rejected by Democratic legislators, who said the underfunded public school system would lose too much money. 1
22. Chief executives meet with legislators and constituents to discuss proposed programs and encourage their support. 1
23. China imposes no such burden on legislators; officials are subject only to patchily and secretively enforced requirements to report their incomes. 1
24. China's Top legislator, Philippine House Speaker Hold Talks. 1
25. Congress no longer can choose Supreme Court nominees -- a cozy practice that helped shield legislators from judicial scrutiny. 1
26. Constituency body of voters represented by an elected legislator or official. 1
27. Continuous liaison with legislators is maintained by agencies at all levels of government. Congressional committees work closely with administrative officials. 1
28. Democratic source told CNN on condition of not being identified that Vice President Joe Biden had engaged in behind-the-scenes negotiations Sunday with congressional legislators. 1
29. Dole also enlisted many other party leaders and state legislators in his campaign in both states. 1
30. E was opposed by numerous consumer groups and some 20 state legislators, however. 1

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