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1. 'Without let or hindrance' is a legal term which means 'freely'. 1
2. " Par in parem imperium non habet " is an indisputable legal maxim in the world. 1
3. " The Japanese Corpus of civil law" forty-fourth paragraph 1:" legal person for the director and other agents in the performance of duty to others and damage, liability for damages. 1
4. "BaFin will make a request for information to the SEC. After a careful evaluation of the documents we will decide about legal steps," Wilhelm said. 1
5. "Bogus patents like this one highlight the problems with our current patent system," Cindy Cohn, the EFF's legal director, said in a statement. 1
6. "Common Program"on the constitutional development in China has a huge impact, it has established a series of legal principles constitute the basic framework of the socialist con. 1
7. "Enough" pled one text to the programme, but leaving out large chunks of evidence could leave us in legal difficulties. 1
8. "For each and every item in this collection there is a clear legal title," Christie's said in a statement. 1
9. "It's unacceptable for workers to risk death and injury merely for pursuing their legal right to fair wages paid punctually and in full," Richardson said. 1
10. "Psychopathic disorders are universal, but each country hasits own history and legal principles" regarding how the disordersare addressed in the legal system, he concluded. 2
11. "Satellite hijacking is a criminal act in the United States that is up to penalties including imprisonment, " legal expert of the Federal Communications Commission of the United States stressed. 1
12. "Sometimes, as in the case of Google Chrome, this means that the legal terms for a specific product may include terms that don't apply well to the use of that product, " she said. 1
13. "The Chinese government has been crystal clear throughout our discussions that self-censorship is a non-negotiable legal requirement," Google said in a post on its official Web blog on Monday. 1
14. "The regulation is one key step for now, but it's not nearly enough, " said Wang Liming, a People's University vice president and legal adviser to the legislature. 1
15. "There is no practicable, feasible, and concrete legal instrument" to regulate Internet use, says Li Xu, deputy head of Tsinghua University's Institute for Internet Behavior. 1
16. "Under Kenyan domestic law, there is no entitlement to legal aid for anybody who is not accused of a capital offense," said Singh. "So, suspected pirates have no opportunity to have a lawyer. 1
17. "We're witnessing the restructuring of the legal profession, " she says, "but we still have to ensure rules like attorney-client privilege." 1
18. 455, 000 cases involving non - lawsuit legal matters, an increase of 0.8 percent. 1
19. A 13 . As noted above, a Registered Design which has been Certified is an enforceable legal right. 1
20. A 19-year-old UK student has recently legally changed his birth name George Garratt to Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk And The Flash Combined. 1
21. A big blow came last summer, when Fortune magazine predicted legal and financial chaos for Hong Kong after 1997. 1
22. A big step up came when the Lord Chancellor took over criminal legal aid from the Home Secretary in 1980. 1
23. A bill formally legalizing the new parties was not expected to be enacted before April. 1
24. A bill of exchange is a legally recognized document. 1
25. A blood test revealed his alcohol level was 40 percent above the legal limit. 1
26. A cable industry trade group said the technological exemption has not been clearly defined by legal tests. 1
27. A case is offered in support of the moral and legal permissibility of specified instances of medically assisted death, along with responses to the main objections that have been levelled against it. 1
28. A central register containing details of a company's share ownership. Shareholders and the public usually have a legal right to inspect ... 1
29. A check is not legal tender. 1
30. A City of London County Court judge rejected the jail application on a legal technicality. 1

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