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1. 'If I am elected as prime minister on Saturday, the minerals resource rent tax I legislate will be the one that was agreed' with major miners last month, Ms. Gillard told reporters. 1
2. 'So what?' asked Brian, tipping his chair back on its rear legs. 1
3. 'The Saudi and U.A.E. markets continue down the well-trodden path of recovering bubbles, relieved of the speculative excesses but weighed down by legacy issues,' said Nomura's Tarek Fadlallah. 1
4. 'The way you see yourself can be challenged and changed, and it can literally create new neural pathways in your brain,' says Dr. Legato. 0
5. 'This is not putting people first, it's putting profits first, it's putting repossession first, ' said Kam Nai-wai, a Democratic Party legislator who opposed the amendment. 1
6. 'Without let or hindrance' is a legal term which means 'freely'. 1
7. " For 15 years Manchester was the Hacienda, " says former promotions manager Scott King. " The moment that ended, the spirit, the one unifying force, died and with it went the whole Manchester legacy. 1
8. " Orderi di Danilo, " ran the circular legend , " Montenegro, Nicolas Rex. ". 1
9. " Par in parem imperium non habet " is an indisputable legal maxim in the world. 1
10. " The Japanese Corpus of civil law" forty-fourth paragraph 1:" legal person for the director and other agents in the performance of duty to others and damage, liability for damages. 1
11. " The National Legislative Assembly sent the bill to committee, fearing that this brand of patriotism might be "chaotic. 0
12. " Thick legs. " wear" stovepipe socks" leg discomfort. 2
13. "BaFin will make a request for information to the SEC. After a careful evaluation of the documents we will decide about legal steps," Wilhelm said. 1
14. "Bogus patents like this one highlight the problems with our current patent system," Cindy Cohn, the EFF's legal director, said in a statement. 1
15. "Common Program"on the constitutional development in China has a huge impact, it has established a series of legal principles constitute the basic framework of the socialist con. 1
16. "Countries should start legislating for synthetic biology products now to prepare for the near future, " he told SciDev.Net. 1
17. "Directly jilt a rightness of eyes Biao to him, " still doesn't know legendary that of what rice the king let out and mention to is congratulating to is a calamity to us. 1
18. "Enough" pled one text to the programme, but leaving out large chunks of evidence could leave us in legal difficulties. 1
19. "Ernie and Kalman have been involved with this project from the start, and have done much of the real legwork," Lauder says. 1
20. "For each and every item in this collection there is a clear legal title," Christie's said in a statement. 1
21. "For the jatropha business to make money, either oil prices or yieldsmust rise, or countries need to start legislating the use of biofuels, "Hattori said. 1
22. "He didn't think it was a legit way to make a living," Johnny, Jr., says. 1
23. "How could I possibly talk to a busload of tourists, microphone in hand, with a trembling voice and shaking legs?" he recalls thinking. 1
24. "How Krishna Stole the Butter" and the life of the Buddha lead into the Chinese and Japanese legend "The Oxherd and the Weaving Maiden" and the changeling Halloween tale from the west of Ireland. 1
25. "I don't know how long it's going to take to heal, " said Zeng Defang, 46, touching a leg wrapped in a bloodstained bandage and swollen to three times its normal size. 1
26. "I had someone else, a programmer, look at it and say that's a legit message from twitter," Bandurski said. 1
27. "I think there is obviously concern in the US when there is legitimacy conferred on individuals and political parties that have had some association with antisemitism, " Forman said. 1
28. "I was shocked at what I saw, " he said. "The medial side of my leg was grotesquely streaked in purple-black from the bottom of my calf to my ankle, including the top of my foot." 1
29. "I've experienced so many amazing things because of her, " Nisan told me, rubbing Nemutan's leg warmly. 1
30. "Inhibition, passive smoking and restless leg syndrome, " Seth Magee, a graphic artist, wrote on his paper. 1




legs (plural noun) · leg side (noun) · leg sides (plural noun)

  - each of the limbs on which a person or animal walks and stands.

  - each of the supports of a chair, table, or other piece of furniture.

  - a section or stage of a journey or process.

  - a branch of a forked object.


legs (third person present) · legged (past tense) · legged (past participle) · legging (present participle)


  - legal.

  - legate.

  - legend.

  - legislation or legislative or legislature.


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