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# Sentence Times
1. shaped ; erect flowers and stems , thin stiff branches, tiny pointed leaves in yellowish green, much bloomed, earlier inflorescence. 1
2. “We all have a very, very brief time on this earth, and the measure of a man is how he leaves the world after he's been here, and I can tell you Blair River was my friend,” Basso said. 1
3. 'Do you want me to do the job myself or hire a photographer?' 'I leave it to your discretion. 1
4. 'I must leave now,' he said in an undertone. 1
5. 'I want you to leave now,' she said icily. 1
6. 'I'll leave this here, OK?' 'Fine.' 1
7. 'Just leave me alone,' he said thickly. 1
8. 'She'll soon leave off saying that, ' replied the one in buff. 1
9. 'We'll have to leave,' she said with a resigned sigh. 1
10. 'What time do we have to leave?' he asked with a hint of impatience. 1
11. 'Where shall we eat?' 'I'll leave it entirely to you .' 1
12. 'Will you leave off nagging?' he snarled. 1
13. 'You've got a heavy load on that sledge, ' said one of them 'Why don't you leave the tent here in Skagway?' 1
14. " he observed to Drouet, with a tone of good-fellowship, "when you leave your wife alone, you must let me show her around a little. It will break up her loneliness. 1
15. " Huccome you leave Miss Pitty by herseff lak dis w'en she so scary lak? 1
16. " Huccome you leave Miss Pitty by herseff lak dis w'en she so scary lak? This website 1
17. " I do leave it alone , " affirmed the accused hollowly. 1
18. " It was papa made me leave. 1
19. " Prithee , friend, leave me alone with my patient,'said the practitioner. 1
20. " Then you ought to leave it alone , " countered Doctor Civet. 1
21. " Until the cold weather to the depths of winter when it's feathers off, losing their leaves look like on the Like an eaglet on his own call and said: "muddle along (can go on so go on). 1
22. " You can just leave that in hereafter, " he remarked , seeing how intelligent she appeared. 1
23. "39" weather approach, "air - cooling at 39", low temperature plus rain snow mushroom, the basket for groceries of the common people leavens how? 1
24. "And under the law, they don't have to leave a dollars-and-cents paper trail that reflects the efforts they're making, " he says. 1
25. "As good as being on our own island, " George said. They waded ankle-deep in dead leaves from the sycamore (a chronic nuisance); determined, now, to like everything. 1
26. "By touching the bone, you leave more DNA on its surface than actually is in the bone itself, " said geneticist Johannes Krause at the Max Planck Institute, who worked on the Neanderthal specimens. 1
27. "Did he leave a phone number?" — "Oh, yes." She copied it out for him. 1
28. "Digital character is this idea that almost everybody these days leaves behind a giant digital breadcrumb trail," she says. 1
29. "Enough" pled one text to the programme, but leaving out large chunks of evidence could leave us in legal difficulties. 1
30. "Go on, don't leave us in suspense," Dennis said. 1

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