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# Sentence Times
1. .. phosphatidylcholine ( DSPC in broncho-alveolar lavage fluid ( BALF ). 1
2. ''Most of time, I was strapped and tied with rough coir strings except when they allowed me to go to the lavatory.'' 1
3. "It's a way of finding mechanisms that were not known before, " says Fernand Labrie, who studies skin genomics at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada. 0
4. "We now understand how the natural electric eel cells work," said David LaVan of NIST. 0
5. 2000 ? ROD LAVER ARENA ? The centre court was christened to Rod Laver Arena - definitely "new era" of Australian Open Tennis History. 0
6. A better day today, Miss Lavant wrote in her diary, quite a bit of sunshine. 0
7. A black feather boa, perhaps bought for the Black Ascot, curved lavishly round to cancel any suggestion of nakedness. 1
8. A case of stomach perforation during gastric lavage for chlordiazepoxide poisoning is reported. 1
9. A centuries-old illustration shows Etna's deadliest known eruption, which sent rivers of lava streaming into the Ionian Sea in 1669. 1
10. A combination of impeccable service, lavishly decorated public rooms and fine cuisine make the St. Francis a landmark in itself. 1
11. A combination of rosemary, thyme, lavender and cedarwood was studied in Scotland and the results were encouraging. 1
12. A community office building (see photo) located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, was recently criticized by local media for its lavishness. 1
13. A dazzling fountain of lava burst from the volcano. 1
14. A doting mother alienates her husband lavishing too much love on their child. 1
15. A faithful clientele returns for the lavish portions, the crispy tempura and the freshest sushi. 1
16. A farmer works at a laver edible seaweed farm at Gutong Village in Fujian Province, China. 1
17. A few of us in the press were there, goggle-eyed at the lavish hospitality. 1
18. A fine dusting of sulfide covers the nearby fiat surfaces of sheeted lavas. 1
19. A geyser of lava erupted, dropping molten rock on one of the outrigger collection arms of the facility where Obi-Wan and Vader dueled. 1
20. A hornito is a small rootless spatter cone that forms on the surface of a basaltic lava flow (usually pahoehoe). 1
21. A Kent librarian wants an exorcist called in to sort out a haunted lavatory. 1
22. A lavage is a liquid that doctors introduce into the lung to wash out unwanted material. 1
23. A lavender-colored nudibranch feeds on hydroids near Vatu-i-Ra, Fiji. Related to sea slugs, nudibranchs are shell-less mollusks that display some of the most vibrant colors found anywhere in nature. 1
24. A lavish breakfast buffet, included in the room rate, is served on a patio overlooking the beach. 1
25. A lavish fete rings in the historic day. 1
26. A lavish welcome had been laid on by Mr Smith - not just a teddy bear but also a Rolls Royce. 1
27. A main feeder lava tunnel often branches towards the terminus of a flow rather like the distributaries of a river delta. 1
28. A man has been given an asbo banning him from carrying felt tip pens in public after writing abusive comments about women in public lavatories and buses. 1
29. A massage blend can be made from 4 drops lavender oil, 4 drops mandarin oil, 3 drops nutmeg oil, 2 drops lemon oil, 2 drops dill oil, 1 tablespoon (15 ml) carrier oil such as almond oil. 1
30. A moon scape of lava rock contrasted against the brilliant blue of the Pacific Ocean. 1




lavs (plural noun)

  - a lavatory.


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