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1. “To bring one country into the crosshairs in so many districts, at such a late stage of the campaign, represents something new and a calculated gamble,” he said. “I find it deplorable. 1
2. (By comparision, the US has slightly over 307 million.) India released their latests census numbers on Thursday, showing that the country now accounts for 17.5% of the planet's population. 1
3. (The Frisky) -- Kate Middleton's engagement ring just so happens to be a hand-me-down from the late Princess Diana. 1
4. 'Going snap' on a decision was the latest buzzword in our office. 1
5. 'I don't tell anyone, not even my daughter,' the grande dame reveals, shooting me a look as she clasps a Latex glove containing frozen peas to her bruised cheeks. 0
6. 'I'm sorry I'm late,' he murmured apologetically. 1
7. 'It is too late and is almost impossible to get rid of the U.S. debt, ' said Evgeny Gavrilenkov, chief economist at broker Troika Dialog and member of a government advisory panel. 1
8. 'No report of death has been sent to the police, ' the AP quoted Azizollah Rajabzadeh saying late Sunday, citing the semiofficial ISNA news agency. 1
9. 'Of course Michael won't be late; you know how punctual he always is,' she said with heavy irony. 0
10. 'The most important take-away from late last year and the start of this year when sales struggled is . . . we need to respond more quickly to policy change, ' Mr. Nozaki said. 1
11. 'West Side Story' is set in New York in the late 1950s. 1
12. 'Will you be late?' 'I expect so.' 1
13. 'You're late,' she said reprovingly. 1
14. " A few years later, in 1894, he wrote a family friend, Bob Ferguson, that he longed for "a general national buccaneering expedition to drive the Spanish out of Cuba, the English out of Canada. 1
15. " Depressurize Seraph launch bay fourteen, " Voro shouted. " Dump plasma from auxiliary coils into lateral lines. " 1
16. " Honest Abe," as he was endearingly called, lost the Senate race, but two years later was elected the first Republican president of the United States. 1
17. " I'll never be late again, " he said apologetically. 1
18. " If there is no generation " muckraking" efforts, it is hard to imagine the U. S. economy later this will take off. 1
19. " In the late 1940s Fred Hoyle was on a radio show to talk about the Steady State Model, and referred to the expanding universe model as "the big bang idea. 1
20. " resulted in arguments about the proper functioning of kingship and the formulation of the "Inutile Regis" theory in the late Middle Ages. 1
21. "(The $99 iPhone) is not going to cannibalize other smartphones," said Gelblum, adding that a $100 price cut won't sway people who want the latest smartphone. 1
22. ""Sorry I'm so late Maxie,'' he said, puffing breathlessly. 1
23. "40 years ago the pack ice was visible from the shore all year, but the latest 10-12 years it has changed dramatically and the last years there has been no ice visible at all in the summer, " he adds. 1
24. "A bird can look like a bullet, and two milliseconds later looks like a hang glider," Dr. Dial said. 1
25. "As to your business, " Prince Andrey turned back to Boris, "we will talk of it later, " and he glanced at Rostov. 1
26. "Before six beats of the pulse hadintervened, " as he later wrote to the Royal Society of London, Leeuwenhoek wasexamining his perishable sample through a tiny magnifying glass. 1
27. "Border War" is to be screened by Channel Four later on in the week. 1
28. "Boule de Suif" is the first significant short story by the late-19th century French writer Maupassant and generally acknowledged as his greatest work. 0
29. "Early-life environments can affect if you are a snorer or not later in life, " Karl Franklin, MD, PhD, the study's lead author and a physician at University Hospital in Umea, Sweden. 1
30. "Faust"—Goethe's masterwork–was begun in the 1770s and completed nearly 60 years later. 1




later (comparative adjective) · latest (superlative adjective)

  - doing something or taking place after the expected, proper, or usual time.

  - belonging or taking place near the end of a particular time or period.


later (comparative adverb) · latest (superlative adverb)

  - after the expected, proper, or usual time.

  - far on in time; toward the end of a period.

  - formerly but not now living or working in a specified place or institution.


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