Laboriously Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use laboriously, so you can learn how to use laboriously in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word laboriously here, and see the words sound like or similar to laboriously

# Sentence Times
1. A beetle began to crawl laboriously up his leg. 1
2. A cleaning woman was laboriously washing the marble floor of the foyer. 1
3. Alas, that will not involve laboriously digging up lots of roads. 1
4. An agreement was laboriously worked out. 1
5. And thus gradually the scheme so laboriously put together unraveled. 1
6. As we drew near and I watched 747 after 747 climbing laboriously into the clouds, I wondered what fate befell me. 1
7. Bob speaks slowly, laboriously, didactically. 1
8. Both weak and poor, they laboriously solicit money in the midst of a storm, one for the victim's burial, the other for the suspect's bail bond. 1
9. But finally she is apparently moved by the piteous sight of the distressed supplicant and laboriously counts out 995 roubles change. 1
10. But why should the descendants of Eusthenopteron have troubled to clamber about laboriously on the land? 1
11. Doug took out his notebook and wrote laboriously in it. 1
12. Each time any plant material was harvested, it was laboriously weighed and recorded by the biospherians. 1
13. Gascoigne laboriously made his way into the penalty area, more in hope than expectation as he awaited the free-kick. 1
14. Had the ex-scumnik's laboriously acquired veneer rubbed away, though, at the prospect of mayhem? 1
15. He collected wildflowers and pressed and arranged them in a Bible; or he laboriously printed letters to public figures. 1
16. He dressed himself laboriously every morning and afternoon. 1
17. He has total control over the broadcasting media and the government that he laboriously cobbled together over an eight-month period. 1
18. He sat behind a desk laboriously writing with an Army issue pen. 1
19. He traced his signature laboriously. 1
20. He traced the words laboriously. 1
21. He was trudging laboriously on the rugged mountain path. 1
22. He wrote out the list laboriously by hand. 1
23. His father was a rickshaw puller, so every penny the family had was laboriously earned. 1
24. I walked laboriously, sinking deeply into the heavy crusted snow with every step. 1
25. Leavis's judgements were very much his own, laboriously arrived at, and presented with subtlety and rigour. 1
26. McGinnis pushed himself laboriously out of the chair and waddled to the window. 1
27. Millstones had been cut and laboriously sledged down the rough mountainsides. 1
28. Previously, Versaille's waterways were cleaned - laboriously - by gardner s in boats scrubbing away at the underwater stonework. 1
29. She is laboriously copying out an old manuscript. 1
30. She is tracing laboriously now. 1





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