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# Sentence Times
1. A fast connected component labeling algorithm based on the run - length code is presented. 1
2. A new algorithm based on line - labeling and region - growing was proposed for binary connected component labeling. 2
3. A new labeling theory and method are proposed for the line drawings with hidden-part-draw for the three-dimensional manifold curved surface objects with trihedral vertices. 1
4. A new method of microtubular immunofluorescence labeling in plant cells is reported here. 1
5. A pre-column derivatization method for the determination of oligosaccharides based on a labeling reagent 3-amino-9-ethylcarbazole (AEC) was proposed. 1
6. A public warehouse rents storage space and may offer a variety of services including packaging, labeling, testing, inventory maintenance, local delivery, data processing, and pricing. 1
7. A region - labeling algorithm was applied to the segmented binary image to count the insect number. 1
8. A scanning laser system is mainly composed of XY scanning mirrors, field lens, mirrors, computer-controlled labeling software, etc. 1
9. A. All currently used labeling, including a representative sample of package labels. 1
10. According to Fair Trade labeling Organizations International, Fair Trade farmers sell only about 20% of their coffee at a Fair Trade price. The rest is sold at the world price, due to lack of demand. 1
11. According to the irreversibility of biotin labeling, a quick method was designed for the purification of biotin labeling small molecule by magnetic separation. 2
12. Agreement developed that diagnosis should not result in mere labeling but should be used to prescribe appropriate treatment. 1
13. Airport Terminal service: Offering services for cargo receipt , labeling, warehousing arrangement and customs preparation and - to airlines. 1
14. Airport Terminal service:Offering services for cargo receipt, labeling, warehousing arrangement and customs preparation and does turn-over to airlines. 1
15. Although its application to life science has just been explored, valuable progresses have been achieved in both biomacromolecule labeling and coding recently. 1
16. An algorithm is presented for solving the shortest path in network by labeling the distance between start point and current exploring point with recursive backtracking maze search. 1
17. And according to bottles' figure and filling requirements of customers it can be matched with our Capping Machine, Induction Sealer and labeling Machine to compose a whole production line. 1
18. And supermarkets often add to the confusion by labeling imported king crab "Alaskan King Crab, Imported." 1
19. And upon the elimination of the residue noise, labeling method for statistical calculation was introduced for the connected regions of the binary image. 1
20. Apoptosis of cancer cells was evaluated by terminal uridine deoxynucleotidyl nick end labeling (TUNEL) and agarose gel electrophoresis, respectively. 1
21. Application: Solid plastic bottle labeling, Ampoule labeling, paper round bottles, vials labeling, labeling and pen. 4
22. Aron has accused Brock of conspiring with his campaign staff to torpedo her candidacy by labeling her a criminal. 1
23. As with other topical testosterone preparations, the product's safety labeling includes a boxed warning regarding the potential for virilization in children with secondary exposure to treated skin. 1
24. Automatic labeling machine in the labelling process is a certain degree of tension. 1
25. Based on basic graphs of image labeling, an automaton, with the boundary chain code as its outputs, for the boundary recognition of the two-value digital images, is constructed. 1
26. Boundary detection and object labeling is key point in infrared object detection and recognition. 1
27. By using threshold segmentation, edge recognition, pixel labeling and center of gravity method, the accurate sites of every model can be acquired from the image. 1
28. Cannon errs in labeling his critics as mindless pessimists. 1
29. Celestine had met Stafford in a chemistry department seminar dealing with spin labeling. 1
30. Chloroform was not detected in all of the samples. 37 samples ( 35.9 % ) violated the labeling regulations. 1





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