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# Sentence Times
1. 、 Korea 、 Japan 、 Nigeria 、 United Arab Emirates etc. 0
2. 'Education can break down perceptions, ' said Darwin, who said mainland Chinese take their drinking tips from Hong Kong, the world's hottest fine wine auction market. 0
3. 'Everyone' wants to be there, says Edmund ko, director of marketing for the Sanya Marriott. 1
4. 'Our finding suggests that the adult human brain is far more plastic than previously believed, ' researcher Li-Hai Tan, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Hong Kong, told LiveScience. 0
5. 'The challenge is formidable, ' says Torsten Stocker, a partner in the Hong Kong office of market-research company Monitor Group. 0
6. 'This may have recalled the brave hand-to-hand combat of the Korean War and China's players may fight well, but this is still a loss of face, ' wrote a Weibo user going by the name of Liu Zhe. 0
7. 'We really would like to know where he is, but we simply don't have a clue, ' said a South Korean military attache, who added he felt he was left in the lurch by his own intelligence services. 0
8. 'We wanted to introduce a more curatorial approach, ' she said in an interview. 'I think this is something very new in Korea, to take people on a journey when they go see an exhibition. 0
9. " And in a Koranic verse dated by scholars to the final years of Muhammad's life, God tells humankind that he has "made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another. 0
10. " Cold bad, Gorilla hate, " Koko tells me, as I stand, dripping, outside her caravan. 0
11. " He confided to the viewing audience what the crowd at the Kodak Theatre does during commercial breaks: "Mostly we sit here making catty remarks about how you look at home. 0
12. " Li says in the simple dorm room she shares with two other women in Dongguan, a southern coastal boomtown near Hong Kong. 0
13. " said Kohler. "In 2000, we showed that single DNA bases can dissipate UV energy in less than one picosecond. 0
14. " said Kohler. "In 2000(Sentence dictionary), we showed that single DNA bases can dissipate UV energy in less than one picosecond. 0
15. "As the large get larger, major domestic and foreign players with strong parents should survive as the market consolidates," said Mavis Hui, retail analyst with DBS Vickers in Hong Kong. 0
16. "Asia is taking a breather, and the trade cycle is slowing, " echoed Frederic Neumann, regional economist at HSBC in Hong Kong. 0
17. "At this moment I am concentrated on Koln, as we need to end the Bundesliga season on a high, " added the 24-year-old. 0
18. "Chi Kong, " contains: "all the way Mitsui, very cool water on both sides, but in a temperature such as Ding Fei, winter can be Maundy Thursday, Habitat often Bath this Yan. 0
19. "Even if they didn't want to eat them 'whole hog, ' so to say, it would be possible to extract the protein and oil from them and then manufacture food products from those components, " Kok adds. 0
20. "Good, Fast, Cheap: choose two" is an old engineering koan. One of the three must be sacrificed for the sake of other two. 1
21. "Handover" is a very important day for Hong Kong and Macau, there is a lot of different celebrations on the day of "handover". 2008 is the year between the decennial of Hong Kong and Macau. 0
22. "Hoping for the best while preparing for the worst seems a sensible strategy," said University of Hong Kong virologist Malik Peiris. 0
23. "Human urine seems to have the right acidity for melamine to crystallize," explained Daniel Chan, professor in nephrology at the University of Hong Kong. 0
24. "I can't believe that (Californians) will put up with all these nanny, nit-picking laws, " KFI-AM radio talk-show host John Kobylt said. 0
25. "I think the situation right now is very scary, " says Katsuhiko Ishibashi, a seismologist and professor at Kobe University. 0
26. "I want African people to know the real China," says Kong Lingyuan, the Kigali Confucius Institute's Chinese director. 0
27. "I would turn up the pressure on China to reunite the Korean peninsula," said John Bolton, who was the United States ambassador to the United Nations in the Bush administration. 0
28. "If brutal killers like these two are at work, it is no wonder that so many Kosovans have fled, " he said. 0
29. "If this is confirmed, this is the first evidence for a crack in the structure of physics as we know it that could provide a clue to constructing such a unified theory, " Kostelecky said. 0
30. "If you have two or three people voting 500 times," says Kostakos, the results may not be representative of the community overall. 0




KOs (plural noun)

  - a knockout in a boxing match.See also kayo.


KO's (third person present) · KO'ing (present participle) · KO'd (past tense) · KO'd (past participle) · KOs (third person present) · KOing (present participle) · KOed (past tense) · KOed (past participle)

  - knock (an opponent) out in a boxing match.


KOs (plural noun)

  - kick-off.


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