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1. " farmers' In shandong television station "I am big star program, singing the TV series" three kingdoms "theme song" rolling Yangtze river east a mill ", hit the stadium. 1
2. A famous scientist has stated that 'we are brought to the conviction that diversity in phenomenal nature in its different kingdoms is most intimately associated with numerical relationship. 1
3. Also see: Astral Realms & kingdoms , Astral Sub - Planes, Astral Entrance Structure. 1
4. Around the Morgan and Rockefeller empires clustered a number of smaller kingdoms. 1
5. Because of the lack of geographic records in History of the Three kingdoms and that of direct materials, the study of the Chongqing population depends mainly on indirect materials. 1
6. Besides, generosity to Buganda would aggravate the other kingdoms, particularly neighboring Bunyoro, whose land includes Uganda's new-found oilfields. 1
7. Between the 10th to 13th centuries, the Christian kingdoms of Europe made numerous attempts to reconquer the birthplace of Jesus Christ from its Mohammedan -Arab rulers. 1
8. But it was a time of several kingdoms and Princess Thanew was proposed to by a neighbouring king. 1
9. But what Alexander and his successors did was they made sort of a conscious, propagandistic decision to use religious syncretism to bind together their kingdoms. 1
10. By makers of Kult : Heretic kingdoms ( 74 % at Gamerankings ). 1
11. By the time European explorer John Hanning Speke arrived in the late 19th century, he was astonished by the highly organized kingdoms he encountered, complete with courts and diplomats. 1
12. Concerning Kedar, and concerning the kingdoms of Hazor, which Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon shall smite, thus saith the LORD; Arise ye, go up to Kedar, and spoil the men of the east. 1
13. Cyrus II the Great united the separate kingdoms around 559 BC. 1
14. Daniel 8 focuses on two kingdoms and a little horn and a large time prophecy. 1
15. European nation-states developed from national kingdoms, wherefrom the concept of modern nations and the stream of nationalism stemmed and spread. 1
16. For every Korean schoolchild, Koguryo was one of Korea's three founding kingdoms. 1
17. Form of oral communication, including the opera, "The Three Kingdoms"rappers and a variety of civil non-professional word of mouth. 0
18. Goscelin says that he put his crown on the Winchester crucifix when he had supremacy over four kingdoms. 1
19. Guilds and kingdoms fit more with the Middle Age fantasy genre. 1
20. His parents firmly do not love money for the maintenance of this dispensable, he began to abandon their studies at the time, had been watching Kanxia the "Three Kingdoms", go out and do part-time. 0
21. I imagined it infinite, made not only of eight-sided pavilions and of twisting paths but also of rivers, provinces and kingdoms... 1
22. I've just finished reading a book on the ancient kingdoms of Mexico. 1
23. Iceland was fairly independent from Norway until 1262, when it became a Norwegian crown colony, and from 1387 Iceland was in practice ruled by Denmark, following the union of the two kingdoms. 1
24. If you are counting on the support of the other kingdoms, forget it. 1
25. In more ancient times, our species roamed the earth and communicated with one another and all other kingdoms nonverbally. 1
26. In the 5th century these peoples, often called barbarians, carved new kingdoms out of the decrepit Western Empire. 1
27. In the Middle Ages France was split into numerous fiefdoms and kingdoms, most of which were incorporated into the royal domain by the time of Louis XI (reigned 1461-1483). 1
28. In the physical, crabs and lobsters are bottom-feeding kingdoms that assist in the transmutation of decay upon the ocean floor. 1
29. In the union of the three kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland the world witnesses a great and irrefragable example of the immeasurable efficacy of free trade between united nations. 1
30. Innocent was claiming, therefore, the right to intervene in kingdoms. 1

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