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# Sentence Times
1. 'Commander of the Army of the kingdom of Scotland ' - the outlaw Wallace was now knighted and made Guardian of Scotland in Balliol's name at the forest kirk, at either Selkirk or Carluke. 1
2. 'We could have been in serious ?danger,' said Mr kingdom. 'I got our people to safety and dashed back to my truck to drive up to the Two Gates lay-by on the Tiverton to Barnstaple road. 1
3. " farmers' In shandong television station "I am big star program, singing the TV series" three kingdoms "theme song" rolling Yangtze river east a mill ", hit the stadium. 1
4. "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse" is one of the best-known lines in English literature, but the real Richard III never uttered them. 1
5. "Hetian jade jade" kingdom for printing base, printing base front enchase 20 grams of silver of die-casting expo symbol. 1
6. "Purslane is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids in the plant kingdom, " he says. 1
7. 16th Mar 1991 Netherlands Belgium, Ecuador, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Italy, kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lesotho, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Sweden, United States of America. 1
8. 1776 - American Revolutionary War: The Continental Congress approves a Declaration of Independence from the kingdom of Great Britain. 1
9. 1783 - American Revolutionary War: The war ends with the signing of the Treaty of Paris by the United States and the kingdom of Great Britain. 1
10. 1911 - George V is crowned King of the United kingdom, succeeding his father, Edward VII. 1
11. 1913 – The United Kingdom's House of Lords rejects the Irish Home Rule Bill. 0
12. 1918 - Iceland becomes a self-governing kingdom, yet remains united with Denmark. 1
13. 1932 - The kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd is renamed the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 2
14. 1995 - The kingdom of Sweden and the republics of Austria and Finland are admitted into the European Union. 1
15. 2010 to 2011, our school and the United kingdom SANDON school curriculum on the literary and dramatic art project jointly carried out a one-year educational exchange activities. 1
16. 20But if I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come to you. 1
17. 30so that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom and sit on thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 1
18. 51who had not consented to their decision and action. He came from the Judean town of Arimathea and he was waiting for the kingdom of God. 1
19. A city of southeast India northeast of Hyderabad. It was the capital of the Telugu kingdom in the 2th century. Population, 335,50. 1
20. A city of southwest Nigeria east-northeast of Ibadan. It was the capital of a Yoruba kingdom from the17th to the19th century. Population, 255, 100. 1
21. A constituent country of the United kingdom comprising the northern part of the island of Great Britain and the Hebrides, Shetland Islands, and Orkney Islands. 1
22. A famous scientist has stated that 'we are brought to the conviction that diversity in phenomenal nature in its different kingdoms is most intimately associated with numerical relationship. 1
23. A few species retained full consciousness over time, and this includes the Panda kingdom and Manatee or Sea Cow . 1
24. A great grief has fallen upon the kingdom and there is deep apprehension for the future. 1
25. A long period of decline followed, but, in 1932, Ibn Saud succeeded in establishing the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 1
26. A principality of the United kingdom on the western peninsula of the island of Great Britain. 1
27. A prophet made a prophecy that the kingdom would fall. 1
28. A region and former kingdom of northeast Spain. It was united with Castile in 1479 to form the nucleus of modern Spain.This website 1
29. A region and former kingdom of southern Europe along the northeast Adriatic coast. 1
30. A region of eastern Scotland between the Firths of Forth and Tay. It was once a Pict kingdom. 1




kingdoms (plural noun)

  - a country, state, or territory ruled by a king or queen.

  - the spiritual reign or authority of God.

  - each of the three traditional divisions (animal, vegetable, and mineral) in which natural objects have conventionally been classified.


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