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# Sentence Times
1. "I have this and these are ready to be shipped to Malaysia and France, " explains the 48-year-old ceramicist with a smile of pride, pointing to rows of antique-looking jugs. 1
2. "They'd cut the jugular vein, and I've researched this -- they say the best way is decapitation, " she said. 1
3. "We had a talk with our bank over who's responsible, and they said we are because our computers were targeted, " says Jugal Malani, Unique Industrial's chief executive. 0
4. A 5-gallon glass jug containing hundreds of millions of Cano's yeast cells is sitting on the back porch of Hackett's brewpub in Guerneville, California, 70 miles north of San Francisco. 1
5. A bad rabbit that lures or jokes good children with jugglery in the Hallowmas. 1
6. A confluence between the internal jugular ein and the brachiocephalic ein facilitates cannulation at this location. 1
7. A few blocks away, residents of the slum, which has no public water or sewer system, pay 3 shillings to fill used 20-liter cooking oil jugs with fresh water from a Coke-sponsored well. 1
8. A few blocks away, residents of the slum, which has no public water or sewer system,(This website/slum.html) pay 3 shillings to fill used 20-liter cooking oil jugs with fresh water from a Coke-sponsored well. 1
9. a five-gallon jug of beer. 1
10. A harsher critic would have gone for the jugular and claimed that this was a blunt reiteration of those dormant adolescent prejudices. 1
11. A juggler needs great dexterity. 1
12. A juggler really runs a race with gravity. 1
13. A juggler was entertaining a theatre queue, turning an orange, a book and a saucepan in an incongruous circle. 1
14. A large jug and basin, charmingly ornamented with a design of blue ribbon, was its centre-piece. 1
15. A round table covered in cracked oilcloth stood bare of bowls, jugs, cups and saucers. 1
16. A spare jug makes a shatterproof change jar, too. 1
17. A teakettle , a coffee pot, and a syrup jug have spouts. 1
18. A thermos jug was useful for carrying off spare liquids. 1
19. A vase of white lilies stands on the table; the decanter is a silvered jug of water only. 1
20. A. You are partly right . Even about 10 years ago RG experts learned from jugglers. 1
21. Aa magician or juggler sleight - of - hand. 1
22. After leaving him on the bedroom floor, he returned to throw a jug of water in his father's face. 1
23. After looking at the jug, Faulkner concurred that it was late Roman, third or fourth century. 1
24. After much balancing and juggling with cocoa, book and dog they all three eventually reached the attic. 1
25. After supper pap took the jug, and said he had enough whisky there for two drunks and one delirium tremens. 1
26. After ten o'clock came the bath in icy-cold water; it was no use asking the servants to temper it with even a jugful of hot water without my father's permission. 1
27. After the tumor excision, the oral defect was reconstructed with myocutaneous platysma flap which had submandibular pedicle and contained external jugular vein. 1
28. After worshiping the ancestors (on one day), he gave a jug of libation to the servants who helped him. 1
29. Against all odds ( and the Visual Basic juggernaut ), it gained a lot of fans. 1
30. AIM To investigate the changes in SP immunoreactive neurons in the jugular tubercle and nodose ganglion of asthmatic guinea pigs. 1




jugs (plural noun) · the jug (noun) · jug handle (noun) · jug handles (plural noun)


jugs (third person present) · jugged (past tense) · jugged (past participle) · jugging (present participle)

  - stew or boil (a hare or rabbit) in a covered container.


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