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1. " There are always jobs, " Challenger says. " Companies are always hiring. But the competition is much tougher. ". 1
2. "A large body of research suggests that communality is not perceived to be congruent with leadership and management jobs," says Hebl. 1
3. "A lot of the more mature people come down and snatch up the jobs, " says Stewart. 1
4. "Again, " Xunzi demasking ":" Everything Mo-shaped rather not see, see, regardless of Mo, Mo on the loss of jobs. 1
5. "Are you actively seeking jobs?" she asked. 1
6. "As Commerce Secretary, I've helped open up foreign markets for American businesses so they can create more jobs right here in America," he said during the White House announcement. 1
7. "At first, we lost money, " says Friedman , "because we underbid the jobs. 1
8. "Charting a path toward clean coal is essential to achieving our goals of providing clean energy, creating American jobs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, " said U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu. 1
9. "Downsizing" simply means that firms are tending to buy smaller computers to do jobs which used to require big ones. 1
10. "For migrant workers who are not covered by medical insurance and labour protection, hospitalisation and leaving work to visit doctors could lead to them losing their jobs," says Zhan. 1
11. "Growth of energy consumption around the world will keep this sector strong, " says Laurence Shatkin, coauthor of 150 Best Recession-Proof jobs. 1
12. "Here's Lady Gaga, who I'm following and she's posted a vide," said jobs. 1
13. "If applicants would just say yes when asked if they played softball or liked golf, we could add 350,000 jobs to the private sector," Deputy Labor Secretary Seth Harris said. 1
14. "It is a testament to making sure unemployment compensation is available, making sure we are looking out for people who have lost their jobs," she said. 1
15. "It's essential to create a stable environment where businesses can flourish and create jobs – with those on benefits at the front of the queue to take them up," Grayling said. 1
16. "Middle man" jobs like car salesman and real estate agent will slowly be replaced by cheaper-to-use Web-based alternatives. 1
17. "One look at the jobs report should show the White House it's time to get serious about cutting spending and healing our ailing economy," said U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner. 1
18. "The least satisfying dozen jobs are mostly low-skill, manual and service occupations, especially involving customer service and food/beverage preparation and serving," Smith said. 1
19. "The price of low inflation in New Zealand is some workers losing their jobs, with no prospect of any new ones over the coming few years," BERL economist Ganesh Nana said. 1
20. "These shocking figures blow out of the water the government's claim that there are plenty of jobs available for people who are prepared to look, " said Brendan Barber, the TUC general secretary. 1
21. "We think work is the opposite of happiness," Achor says. Instead, he suggests workers reframe the way they think about their jobs. 1
22. "When consumers are spending money, there's more jobs, " said economist Kit Yarrow. 1
23. "When international visitors come to the United States they spend money on a wide range of goods and services that support U.S. jobs," said Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke. 1
24. "While the recovery has been jobless so far, that should soon change," said NABE President Lynn Reaser. "Within the next few months, companies should be adding instead of cutting jobs." 1
25. 1930 - Great Depression: US President Herbert Hoover goes before Congress and asks for a US$150 million public works program to help generate jobs and stimulate the economy. 1
26. 21.7% of all those in employment were in part-time jobs. 1
27. 250 jobs are to go at the local steel plant. 1
28. 420 workers have been ejected from their jobs with no warning. 1
29. 70 jobs have been reprieved until next April. 1
30. 700 jobs will be lost in order to cut costs and boost profits. 1

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