Jilted Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A: I hear your girl jilted you. Too bad. 1
2. Driven to distraction, he murdered the woman who jilted him. 1
3. Grace Bird is an abandoned wife and Babs's Stanislaus has jilted her. 1
4. He at himself ugg boots in the mind occupied yet lent brandy apt pack by namely time lunatic made it so in the colleagues in front space, she jilted his palm apt still jilt Yuan? 1
5. He jilted her for his best friend's sister. 1
6. He was jilted by his fiancee. 1
7. Her jilted boyfriend has sworn revenge on her new husband. 1
8. Hsieh - ch'an knew all about Hsin - mei's being jilted. 1
9. In order to riding too quickly, the motorcycle a head of falls down and rob of wrap is also jilted one side. 1
10. Kobe Bryant jilted college for professional basketball. 1
11. Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan are two jilted lovers who combine to seek revenge on their former partners. 1
12. Police want to interview her jilted lover. 1
13. She has been jilted and I am trying to console her. 1
14. She jilted her fiance just before the wedding. 1
15. She was shot by her jilted lover. 1
16. She was stalked by a jilted ex-boyfriend. 1
17. The Celtics, meanwhile, felt like the proverbial jilted lover. 1
18. The jilted lover soon rallied and found new friends ; The stock market rallied. 1
19. The lace curtains seemed to have survived from obscurity, like the antique gown of a jilted bride. 1
20. Tun - weng grew solemn and said, " Then, you've been - you've been what they call ` jilted.' 1
21. We know this man had jilted three previous fiancee. 1
22. What a disgrace it would be if he were to be jilted by a teen - age girl! 1
23. When he lost his money she jilted him. 1
24. When he was jilted after five years together it had a devastating effect. 1
25. When love fades, the jilted may seek consolation in the thought that there are plenty more fish in the sea. 1

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