Jilt Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "Directly jilt a rightness of eyes Biao to him, " still doesn't know legendary that of what rice the king let out and mention to is congratulating to is a calamity to us. 1
2. "How, haven't harvested?"Connect pure north to jilt fishing rod under go to. 1
3. "Is in high spirits a listen to this words enjoy, he praises extremely a direction, " truly not the Kui is a barbarian, speed ample cow, the even letting robbers you gave to jilt to open. 1
4. "Song merchandise! Listen to afresh you scolding barbarian to knead your ovum to explode! "Hammer son a jilt a hand to fly Ju to dart at ground up. 1
5. A: I hear your girl jilted you. Too bad. 1
6. All shiver all over, be rattled, cannot stop scream "how can is so ......" then, jilt a door blunt run but walk. 1
7. Anyway she was off to jilt another fellow; his name is Percy. 1
8. BE a business enterprise regardless or personal, if the dissimilarity progress is in line with, the railroad train of the ages will be certainly jilt at the time of turn a corner under. 1
9. But tobacco is a wily and vengeful beast, and one not disposed to look kindly on those who jilt him. 1
10. citing irreconcilable differences, one party will jilt the other sooner rather than later. 1
11. Driven to distraction, he murdered the woman who jilted him. 1
12. Go out worry rain, catch the train worried about late, exam worry can't recall the answer, speech worry brownout, love worry is jilt...The pessimist seems always with all kinds of anxiety in combat. 1
13. Grace Bird is an abandoned wife and Babs's Stanislaus has jilted her. 1
14. He at himself ugg boots in the mind occupied yet lent brandy apt pack by namely time lunatic made it so in the colleagues in front space, she jilted his palm apt still jilt Yuan? 2
15. He is a pleasant fellow, and would jilt you creditably. 1
16. He jilted her for his best friend's sister. 1
17. He was jilted by his fiancee. 1
18. Her jilted boyfriend has sworn revenge on her new husband. 1
19. Hsieh - ch'an knew all about Hsin - mei's being jilted. 1
20. I angrily whet a tooth and toward altitude of brain ground flower petal to jilt a green rattan. 1
21. I don't feel you this ugg short hike out apt jilt his slap is much greatly distinct. 1
22. In order to riding too quickly, the motorcycle a head of falls down and rob of wrap is also jilted one side. 1
23. Kobe Bryant jilted college for professional basketball. 1
24. Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan are two jilted lovers who combine to seek revenge on their former partners. 1
25. Police want to interview her jilted lover. 1
26. Pulled to ascend to jilt to jilt together the beard of chest, hazily smiled, say:Float soft, be so self-confidence! 2
27. Rather and rather blew a whistle, once leaf Wei record a knife eye to jilt in the past, the small milk pack smiled bluntly her to peep out grace again powder to delicately smile. 1
28. Referees a whistle, all of you blunt go out, and sure enough, he was immediately far jilt behind. 1
29. She has been jilted and I am trying to console her. 1
30. She jilted her fiance just before the wedding. 1

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