Irritating Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "That'll be five pounds, dear", he said in an irritatingly familiar way. 1
2. A chemical that is perfectly fine for Sarah Bellum might be horribly irritating to your skin. 1
3. A flame is a vituperative email directed at anyone who acts in an uninformed or irritating manner. 1
4. A steady splat, splat, splat that was extremely irritating. 1
5. Although you have killed the White Spot parasites, they have left scars and marks, which are still irritating your fish. 1
6. An irritating cough producing very little phlegm and becoming worse when taking a deep breath. 1
7. An irritating excrescence upon the summit of international union. 1
8. And nothing was so irritating as the confident way he used archaic idiom. 1
9. As a result, they are unable ever to get beyond the personality traits they find irritating. 1
10. As she describes the irritating eye strain, Estrada laughs self consciously. 1
11. Asphalt smoke is one of the pollution matters, which comes from the production or construction course and has direct influence on the air environment because of its fetor and irritating smell. 1
12. At dawn he'd woken up briefly, plagued by the vanishing wisps of a vague and irritating dream. 1
13. At first, the difficulty he had in opening the door of his room seemed no more than an irritating trifle. 1
14. At work next day, discussing time-sheets and piecework rates with Dagmar, she could feel her skin irritating her. 1
15. Before you go to an interview, ask yourself whether you have any irritating mannerisms such as saying 'you know' all the time. 1
16. Being odorless, colorless, tasteless, and non - irritating, helium has no warning properties. 1
17. Being odorless, colorless, tasteless, and non - irritating, nitrogen has no warning properties. 1
18. Big gamblers were often forced to place irritatingly small bets. 1
19. Brian had an irritating habit of saying, "It'll be fine!", whenever she mentioned any of her private fears. 1
20. But an irritating and inopportune appearance of honour made him hesitate to benefit from her rejection by Alfred at least for tonight. 1
21. But as they grow, these same kids seem irritating and ill-mannered if they try to sound grown up. 1
22. But when you ask Lewis what exactly the Euston Project is, the editor-in-chief, a supremely confident showman, is irritatingly coy. 1
23. By purism is to be understood a needless and irritating insistence on purity or correctness of speech(H. W. 1
24. Calcium cyanamide is poisonous and irritating to the skin. 1
25. Cashew nut shells contain oil that is extremely irritating to human skin. 1
26. Cellular immunity refers to the ADCC brought out by intravital T lymphocyte irritating by the antigen. 1
27. Conclusion This ceramic has no cytotoxicity or abnormal oral mucous membrane irritating response. 1
28. Conclusions: The stock solution of Fu Kang lotion has good efficacy in killing vegetative form of bacteria and yeasts and is not irritating to guinea-pig skin and rabbit vaginal mucosa. 1
29. Consequently he threw Carrie into repression, which was irritating. 1
30. Contains grain and caviar extracts, as well as Macadamia nut oil, to form a natural protection layer that shields UV and other irritating substance for healthy skin. 1

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