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# Sentence Times
1. A comparative study of political parties for party building in a scientific discipline plays an irreplaceable role, party building is the only way to truly scientific. 1
2. A significant rent concession by Cooper Union could save this irreplaceable neighborhood institution. 1
3. Administrative communication, the blood of administrative organization, plays an irreplaceable role in administrative management. 1
4. Although dialects play an irreplaceable role in the Chinese national vocalism, they may intervene the singing exercise in many ways. 1
5. And civilizations hardly ever exchange them: they regard them as irreplaceable values. 1
6. As higher education of the independent college renascent by its unique advantages and convenient conditions for cultivating young students plays an irreplaceable role. 1
7. As one of the major impetus , medium and small enterprises have played an irreplaceable role in the economic and social development in China. 1
8. As the key steps in the process of software development, software-testing is essential tools and stage for developing a quality and reliable software. and it has an irreplaceable position. 1
9. As transmitter of public knowledge, stimulator of learning interest, cultivator of learning attitude, dedicator of intellectual value, teacher plays an irreplaceable role in education. 1
10. B: You are very upset with the news . The pet is irreplaceable. 1
11. Because of the position factor, resource natural endowment, the corns become the irreplaceable leading industry of agriculture of Jilin Province. 1
12. Building conservation is environmentally friendly; it is a way of using existing resources for an end-product that is unique and irreplaceable. 1
13. By 1922 the team of brilliant men who had governed for the past six years could not but see themselves as irreplaceable. 1
14. Chinese tea tureen holds a irreplaceable status in the history of Chinese tea culture. 1
15. CIFIT is indeed an irreplaceable international investment promotion platform. 1
16. Clark said the Army had already lost one irreplaceable man in General Custer. 1
17. Conclusion:Upper gastrointestinal radiography showed hiatal hernia can be a good change in the diagnosis of the disease has an irreplaceable value of the certainty. 1
18. English degree construction plays an irreplaceable role in the process of reviving northeast old industrial base, which is the inevitable result of the globalization. 1
19. Even after boyfriends entered the picture, our best friends remained irreplaceable. 1
20. Eventually I replaced the sax with a 1935 Selmer cigar cutter model, but the sword proved irreplaceable. 1
21. Eventually I replaced the sax with a 1935 Selmer cigar cutter model,(This website/irreplaceable.html) but the sword proved irreplaceable. 1
22. Fathers have a unique and irreplaceable role to play in child development. 1
23. For offenses with especially serious penalties, the death penalty is irreplaceable. 1
24. Free forging products are in a large proportion of forging products and of irreplaceable. 1
25. Green land has irreplaceable function to the improvement of urban ecosystem. 1
26. Greening have irreplaceable function in the urban compound ecosystem and factors of the ecosystem revivification function. 1
27. He felt her becoming a fixture, irreplaceable. 1
28. He is irreplaceable in her heart; she feels pampered , spoiled and loved. 1
29. Heterogeneous network on the sharing of resources plays an irreplaceable role. 1
30. His poetry comes form the practice of revolution and war, represents the history of a heroical nation, plays an important role in Chinese cultural treasury which is invaluable and irreplaceable. 1

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