Involvement Definition

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# Sentence Times
31. And we speculated that P3 may affect the symptom by its involvement in RNA replication and also functioned as an pathogenicity determinant. 1
32. As described earlier, in Ipswich a multi-disciplinary psychogeriatric team maintained involvement with all patients whether or not they were admitted to an institution. 1
33. As for employee involvement, it is certainly greater than it ever was in the years of nationalization. 1
34. As is evident from an examination of other rites, there are also other possibilities for congregational involvement in the eucharistic prayer. 1
35. As part of its involvement in the QVT standardization, IBM has developed a prototype model transformation toolkit, MTF, which is now available from alphaWorks (see Resources). 1
36. As the coffin slides into the furnace, we try to restrict our emotional involvement - sometimes at considerable psychological cost. 1
37. Assessment shows that the rhetoric of community involvement did not stand up to examination in the way that bids were compiled. 1
38. At home, political involvement was always considered a righteous thing, a civic thing, a good thing. 1
39. At its most complex and demanding, involvement may mean taking action to protect a child against cruelty and neglect. 1
40. At Level One the student will contribute to the planning and arrangement of community involvement. 1
41. Atherosclerotic involvement in the coronary arteries, which can result in heart attack and sudden death, is a common disease and prototypic of a complex human trait. 1
42. B2 - extension through the rectal wall without lymph node involvement. 1
43. Barium studies seem to be insensitive to microscopic involvement and may detect only more severe cases. 1
44. Be positive, honest and optimistic in your comments. 9. Encourage parental involvement in learning. 10. 1
45. Being on the committee is one involvement I could do without. 1
46. Ben has always felt a deep involvement with animals. 1
47. Bilateral thalamotegmental involvement with necrosis and hemorrhage on CT or MRI is characteristic for ANE. 1
48. Boley faces proceedings to remove him from the United States on the basis of invalid immigration documents and involvement in extrajudicial killings overseas. 1
49. Bomberg shared the Vorticists' involvement with the machine-age dynamism of modern urban life. 1
50. Both channels are also offering on-line Web sites to increase viewer involvement. 1
51. Both lungs will have innumerable metastatic foci and lymphangitic involvement. 1
52. Both occur more commonly in women during the 5th decade of life with a predilection for similar sites of involvement including the cerebral convexities, sphenoid ridge, falx, and tentorium. 1
53. But Bonior, the second-ranking House Democrat, denied any direct involvement. 1
54. But criticism of Mrs Roosevelt focused primarily on her involvement in public issues. 1
55. But for the small producers: their involvement in the organisational apparatus is primarily made possible through the sphere of circulation. 1
56. But he was found guilty of his involvement in a treasonous plot to bring down the Indonesian Government and of immigration fraud for using a false document. 1
57. But he withdrew his own nomination less than 12 hours later when his involvement with Maze escaper James Clarke became public. 1
58. But if you continue to dig in your heels over this then one friendship or involvement may become a casualty now. 1
59. But Mrs Clinton has said they prove that her involvement was peripheral. 1
60. But opponents remain concerned about the involvement of Petronas in the consortium. 1

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