Involvement Definition

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1. A cohesive team environment and involvement in enjoyably challenging practices help children learn invaluable social and personal skills. 1
2. A final factor contributes to the low income of garbage pickers and this relates to their involvement in the international economy. 1
3. A newly discovered memo indicates the first lady ordered the firing, although she has denied any involvement. 1
4. A number of noninvasive tests have been used to evaluate myocardial involvement in Lyme disease. 1
5. A peace campaigner had set herself on fire in protest at the government's involvement in the war. 1
6. A recent workshop explored black and minority ethnic groups' involvement with the charity. 1
7. A relationship broke up and there was an even deeper involvement with drugs thereafter. 1
8. A response is awaited from Lothian Health Board regarding their possible involvement in distributing the packs. 1
9. A tendency of nations to conduct their foreign affairs individualistically, characterized by minimal consultation and involvement with other nations, even their allies. 1
10. A US state department spokesman, Ian Kelly, dismissed allegations of American involvement as "completely false", adding: "We condemn this act of terrorism and mourn the loss of innocent lives." 1
11. Abdominal CT is done if patients have abnormal liver function results, hepatomegaly , or locally advanced cancer with or without axillary lymph node involvement. 1
12. About 600 members of the armed forces were discharged for alleged involvement in the coup attempt. 1
13. According to a 1997 Gallup poll, 55% of scientists ascribe to a completely atheistic evolution, with a total rejection of any deistic involvement. 1
14. Accusations continue of security force involvement in covert assassinations. 1
15. Acne vulgaris is a common multiple - factor disease with the involvement of seborrhea glands and follicles. 1
16. Advance in labour productivity was beginning to depend upon the quality and involvement of the worker. 1
17. After China the iron pulled out the hachure yesterday, the call-back trend, regarding 5 daily average line adjustment, might select machine the involvement, close attention. 1
18. After many years of modest living and involvement in tennis Higueras has found new fame. 1
19. After that, the parents' involvement often continues and may escalate. 1
20. Again, neither involvement nor perceptions of threat has any significant association with the attitudes measured by this factor. 1
21. AIM To investigate the possibility of myocardial involvement in children with rotavirus (RV) diarrhea and its association with clinical manifestations and viremia resulting from RV infection. 1
22. All four were acquitted of involvement in a bomb attack in Stockholm on April 7, 1986. 1
23. All personal particulars collected through this Project Proposal Form will solely be used for purposes related to the "Community involvement Projects on Maintenance 2009-10". 1
24. All the Kashmiri guerrilla groups denied any involvement in the assassination, and many blamed the government security forces. 1
25. Although evidence of its existence has been growing since the mid-90s, no government has officially acknowledged involvement. 1
26. An environment must be created in which partners can feel free to raise or lower their involvement as is appropriate. 1
27. Analysts say the Scandinavian nation has long prided itself on having created a stable and peaceful society and on having avoided involvement in upheavals that ravaged much of the rest of Europe. 1
28. And each shot he takes is an exciting work of art precisely be-cause of his intense personal involvement. 1
29. And editor Jane Nicholson's involvement was fading rapidly. 1
30. And in Corse and Over, another four people were arrested and questioned about their alleged involvement in organising the festival. 1

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