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1. "On Aminulrasyid Amzah case, Gerakan wants the investigation into his death to proceed without fear or favour. We hope the IGP would not be emotional when dealing public criticisms, " Teng said. 1
2. "The uniqueness of the Eupodophis type specimen completely excluded the possibility of invasive investigations," the researchers wrote. 1
3. "This was the mother lode, " said Matt Weir, a doctoral candidate in the e-crimes and investigation technology lab at Florida State University, where researchers are also examining the data. 1
4. 1966 - Vietnam War: The House Un-American Activities Committee begins investigations of Americans who have aided the Viet Cong. 1
5. A cabinet minister came under investigation for links to the Mafia. 1
6. A Casco spokeswoman said in an email Tuesday that initial signs pointed to a wider power outage rather than a signal failure as the cause of Shanghai's incident, but said investigations continue. 1
7. A cell theory of nematic liquid crystals is presented, which provides a calculable theoretical model for investigation of molecular short-range correlations. 1
8. A citizen watchdog group wants an investigation into the 3 - term Senator. 1
9. A citizen watchdog group wants an investigation into the three - term senator. 1
10. A comparative anatomical investigation and systematic classification studies on rhizomes of Chinese monopodial bamboos. 1
11. A court in Chile has ordered the exhumation of the remains of the former President Salvador Allende as part of an investigation into the cause of his death in 1973. 1
12. A covert investigation was conducted to catch the drug-smuggling ring. 1
13. A descriptive correlational method of investigation was implemented. 1
14. A detailed epidemiological investigation and contact follow up is being conducted by a team of epidemiologists from IEDCR, ICDDRB and WHO Bangladesh. 1
15. A detailed investigation is given on the method of the general radar signal and the jam signal sorting and identification of ARRS in the complicated spatial signal environment with the aid of . 1
16. A full investigation of title is time consuming and should be started as early in the negotiation process as possible. 1
17. A generalized Galilean transformation deserves more investigation. 1
18. A grand jury investigation cleared Washington of any criminal wrongdoing in the death. 1
19. A Home Office pathologist and forensic science team are at the scene, carrying out a full investigation. 1
20. A judge in Chile has ordered an investigation into the death, in 1973, of the Nobel prize-winning poet, Pablo Neruda, following allegations he may have been poisoned. 1
21. A judicial investigation implicated three members of the Caldas Battalion of the army. 1
22. A judicial investigation into his case ordered the arrest of a member of the national police. 1
23. A lack of rigour in the investigation. 1
24. A lengthy police investigation failed to produce any evidence on which the suspect could be convicted. 1
25. A level 1 performance should always prompt further investigation. 1
26. A major investigation is under way to root out graft there, they said. 1
27. A major investigation is underway to root out graft there, he said. 1
28. A mineralogical investigation of platinum - group metal placers from Burma was made by electron probe microanalysis ( EPMA ). 1
29. A new method of a centrifugal compressor with a hub airfoil-vane diffuser was proposed and applied based on the investigation of a centrifugal compressor with vaneless diffuser. 1
30. A new method of white-light speckle interferometry with radial scanning aperture for dynamic investigation was proposed. 1

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