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1. 'A spanner,'said Mrs Parsons , immediately becoming invertebrate. 1
2. A tubular excretory organ in many invertebrates, such as mollusks and earthworms. 1
3. Amateur experimental breeding of Cleaner Shrimps has already been mentioned as a good example of a mobile invertebrate which could be chosen. 1
4. Amphioxus represents the transitional type of animals from invertebrate to vertebrate. 1
5. Amphioxus, a cephalochordate, widely considered as the closest living invertebrate relatives of the vertebrates. 1
6. an excretory organ of certain invertebrates. 1
7. An internal body cavity of some primitive invertebrates, similar to a coelom but lacking a mesodermal lining. 1
8. And Evans is hardly a slacker in the invertebrate department himself. 1
9. As the marine hobby blossomed the demand for good frozen food designed for marine fishes and invertebrates increased tremendously. 1
10. Bladder 1.A modified leaf, found on the stems of members of the bladderwort family, that develops into a distended structure for trapping small invertebrates. 1
11. Botany, earth science, invertebrates, and vertebrates. 1
12. Botany, earth science, invertebrates, and vertebrates. This website 1
13. But just below the layer of gently folded limestones that contains the earliest of the invertebrate fossils, the strata change radically. 1
14. Communities of fish and invertebrates are attracted to structures such as oil platforms and nuclear waste dumps. 1
15. Concept artist Terryl Whitlatch wanted the colo claw fish to have an invertebrate look, so her early designs were based on an earwig. 1
16. Corals, like the majority of marine invertebrates can also reproduce sexually by releasing eggs and sperm. 1
17. Cropland surface soil invertebrate living in it is considered as a special ecosystem in cropland - soil system. 1
18. Currently accessible for searching are the recent mollusk files, the invertebrate paleontology files, the rotifer collection and Gary Rosenbergs molluscan species database etc. 1
19. Earthworm as one of universal invertebrates in soil, its acts including food-intake, burrow and excretion can influence the activity of heavy metals. 1
20. Endemism of vertebrates and invertebrates is also very high. 1
21. Even previously committed invertebrate labs like Alkon's Hermissenda group were making the switch. 1
22. Eyespot (stigma) A light-sensitive structure of certain protoctists and invertebrate animals. 1
23. Fiercer invertebrates which came to the moss jungles to prey on this grazing population, could not indulge in such trusting relationships. 1
24. Finally there are the benthic foragers which comb the sea bed for small worms, crustaceans and other invertebrates. 1
25. Fishes, however, do have a highly developed sense of smell, as do many marine invertebrates. 1
26. For marine invertebrate, in particular, endogenous clock has been known to control semilunar rhythms of locomotor, reproductive and molting behaviors. 1
27. Half of all invertebrate species live in tropical rain forests. 1
28. Here, no vertebrates at all could be found, the fossils consisting only of invertebrates such as the trilobites. 1
29. I wish to eventually add invertebrates to this tank. Green filamentous algae can be a big problem in some tanks. 1
30. If I were you I'd go the whole hog and set up a large invertebrate aquarium. 1


[inˈvərdəbrət, inˈvərdəbrāt]




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