Invaluable Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A cohesive team environment and involvement in enjoyably challenging practices help children learn invaluable social and personal skills. 1
2. A computer would have been invaluable for this job. 1
3. A detailed, current medical record can be an invaluable asset for patient evaluation. 1
4. A friend can be invaluable in helping you to establish and recognize the loudness needed for ordinary conversation in quiet circumstances. 1
5. A quick rip off Tweezers are invaluable for removing odd hairs. 1
6. A second and equally valid argument is that the publishing world is an invaluable source of knowledge. 1
7. A student of Plato, Xenocrates, does provide invaluable help. 1
8. A waveform monitor with Eye and Jitter measurement capability is an invaluable tool in investigating physical layer problems with the SDI signal. 1
9. Advance knowledge of anticipated weather conditions is invaluable for planning. 1
10. All soya sauces provide invaluable seasoning to strict vegetarian diets that are based mainly on relatively bland grains. 1
11. An invaluable source of reference for the aircraft historian, and a worthy addition to the bookshelf. 1
12. And an invaluable inheritance from lead miner, linen weaver and gentleman scientist. 1
13. And if you intend to compose your own poems, limericks or verses, a songwriter's rhyming dictionary would be invaluable. 1
14. Another factor here has been the slow but invaluable installation of Traffic Collision Avoidance System radar in commercial airliners. 1
15. Baselines are also invaluable for planning, as you can correlate an anticipated or observed up-tick in usage to an expansion of resources. 1
16. Because transplanted quail cells will behave normally in chick embryos, she realized she had an invaluable natural marker. 1
17. Bibliomania is an invaluable tool for book lovers, as well as students and teachers. 1
18. Blom's fluent command of languages was invaluable in his work as a lexicographer. 1
19. Both electrocardiograms and electroencephalograms are invaluable diagnostic tools in modern medicine. 1
20. Breast self-examination is invaluable for detecting cancer in its very early stages. 1
21. But according to plaintiffs' attorneys, the privilege log could be invaluable in helping them pry loose potentially damning documents. 1
22. But according to plaintiffs' attorneys,(sentencedict .com) the privilege log could be invaluable in helping them pry loose potentially damning documents. 1
23. But to get the rest of the details put together and get it organized, it could be an invaluable service. 1
24. By using test-kits and keeping a record of the readings obtained you also build-up and invaluable data bank for future reference. 1
25. Classroom instruction is invaluable in providing some of this background and in giving the learner confidence. 1
26. Clytemnestra persuades Agamemnon to expend public wealth by treading upon delicate, invaluable fabrics, thereby destroying them, as a token of his triumph. 1
27. Day 2 invaluable brief on yachts, local area, weather patterns, shopping facilities etc. 1
28. Downing Street's double glazing must have proved invaluable as the camera corps set up camp and squabbled on the doorstep. 1
29. During a recce, the deaths column of local newspapers often prove invaluable - the newly-widowed are particularly vulnerable. 1
30. Equip yourself with Another Hong Kong - invaluable for anyone determined to get off the beaten track. 1

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