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# Sentence Times
1. A dope mix is prepared by intimately mixing the following ingredients. 1
2. A famous scientist has stated that 'we are brought to the conviction that diversity in phenomenal nature in its different kingdoms is most intimately associated with numerical relationship. 1
3. And even when you think you know the island intimately, it will keep on springing surprises. 1
4. And I think the idea of a doppelganger or a person who shares your experiences so intimately that they are you is kind of a fulfillment of a fantasy that we have as humans, " he said." 1
5. And they saw learning as some-thing intimately connected with self. 1
6. Animal dung is spread by birds, devoured by insects, bacteria, and earthworms and mixed intimately into the topsoil. 1
7. But lead author Linda Sarna of the UCLA School of Nursing points out that nurses are intimately acquainted with the effects of smoking yet still struggle with nicotine addiction. 1
8. By mixing the varieties intimately within the field, the spread of a fungal infection can be drastically slowed. 1
9. Conclusion The dysgenesis of lens capsule is intimately correlated with congenital cataract. 1
10. Conclusions Coronary sinus diverticulum is anatomically intimately related to the posteroseptal accessory pathway. 1
11. Consider the circumstances: the pope had ended the Council with two final anathemas which were intimately connected with Anselm's situation. 1
12. Death, with which they lived so intimately, could not be detached from their lives as an object of contemplation. 1
13. Discovering that I was only self-possessed with peo- ple I knew intimately, I would often go to a strange house where I knew I would spend a wretched hour for schooling sake. 1
14. Excellence at the top, in short, is intimately tied to the collapse of literacy levels at the bottom. 1
15. From ten feet apart they were locked in to one another, solidly, intimately, and inextricably. 1
16. He knew the town intimately. 1
17. He was — what is the phrase I'm looking for — not intimately acquainted with his subject. 1
18. He was intimately involved with many of the most contentious issues in the three years of design and construction. 1
19. Hence the study of primitive culture is intimately bound up with that of primitive religion. 1
20. Here we shall deal only with growth theory and shall tackle crisis separately, even though they are intimately connected. 1
21. His work is intimately concerned with epistemological questions. 1
22. How can these two seemingly disconnected processes be so intimately related? 1
23. Hubbell, part of the Clintons' inner circle, is intimately familiar with their financial affairs. 1
24. I am intimately acquainted with the state of my bank account. 1
25. I didn't know them all intimately, but I'd hang out with 50 or 60 girls a night — everybody from 18-year-old wannabe socialites to single mums, City girls and globetrotters. 1
26. I have got it why my parents and friends call me flocky Na intimately. 1
27. I have seen them intimately, close at hand. 1
28. If the firm gets into difficulty, its bankers become intimately involved in restructuring or liquidating the firm. 1
29. In one way, the novel is a final triumph of realism, representing character more inwardly and intimately than ever previously. 1
30. In some high - grade ores, phenocrysts adhere intimately to the pseudomorphs. 1





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