Intimacy Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. ''I think he blames himself for his failed marriage and is gun-shy about intimacy and the give-and-take of a relationship, '' Hanks says. 1
2. "So when men have this dispositional authenticity, and want to have an open, honest relationship, it makes women's job easier -- they can more easily regulate intimacy," she said. 1
3. A bad apology will erode intimacy. 1
4. A majority of Indians frown upon intimacy in public. 1
5. A man burdened with a secret should especially avoid the intimacy of his physician. 1
6. A nice atmosphere in a good restaurant helps open the doors to intimacy and sharing. 1
7. A second Kalber family story reiterates the instruction that its members share in an almost telepathic intimacy. 1
8. A swing thoracic raw stratus, Juezi into bird meaning, looking at the distant rising Yunxia, clean up my mind, as far as the eye could track the dusk birds in intimacy in into bamboo. 1
9. A writer must develop an intimacy with the subject at hand. 1
10. Actually,(This website ) it creates different kinds of intimacy. 1
11. Admittedly their intimacy could have its dangers. 1
12. After a roll in the hay, women usually want intimacy, according to a study published this year in The Journal of Sex Research. 1
13. After learning about the male intimacy cycle?the rubber band theory?both Lisa and Jim realized what had happened. They were spending too much time together. 1
14. Alice gratefully laughed with her, feeling privileged and special in this intimacy with Pat that admitted her into important conspiracy. 1
15. Also, since this is the area of your chart that governs intimacy, sexual unions, fidelity, and loyalty, you could find that these areas have had a similar "fogginess" to them. 1
16. Americans want intimacy at a distance. ". 1
17. An accidental circumstance cemented intimacy between Steerforth and me. 1
18. An intimacy Jessica and I conceded to was holding hands. 1
19. And with the loss of strangeness, there was space for intimacy. 1
20. Around 16 per cent experienced "companionate love", with intimacy and commitment but not much passion. 1
21. As I have suggested already, they connote intimacy. 1
22. As we learn to be alertly and calmly present in our meditation, a deeper intimacy with ourselves and with the world will arise. 1
23. At three o'clock that afternoon, the intimacy between them had almost completely disintegrated. 1
24. Basketball offered an intimacy and an aesthetic on television lacking in the brutal National Football League or the technical and leisurely baseball. 1
25. Between the Macphacts and the Davidsons, who were missionaries, there had arisen the intimacy of shipboard. 1
26. Building houses far apart reduces intimacy among neighbors. 1
27. But he flat-out retired his own blog in July. "Blogging is simply too big, too impersonal, and lacks the intimacy that drew me to it," he wrote in his final post. 1
28. But nothing could have prepared her for the intimacy of the pictures. 1
29. But on the other hand, it could seem like you're rushing intimacy -- another turnoff. 1
30. But the particularity, as Shakespeare formulates it, also creates intimacy. 1

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