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1. A branch of science concerned with the interrelationship of organisms and their environment. 1
2. A sociometry is an instrument used to examine the interrelationship between students. 1
3. AIM:To study the response of astrocytes and motoneurons in hypoglossal nuclei and their interrelation after hypoglossal nerve injury in rats, and explore the possible mechanism. 1
4. Aiming at probing the pathogenetic mechanism of osteoarthrosis at molecular level, the oncogenes expressions and their interrelationship in articular chondrocytes of osteoarthrosis were observed. 1
5. All these parts interrelate, and it is implausible in the extreme to suppose that their interrelation is fortuitous. 1
6. Alternative Name of " Pozhenzi " and the Earliest Ci - Also on the Interrelationship with " Pozhenyue " and'shipaizi " 0
7. And the interrelationship between the formation of collagenous fibers with monoamine oxidase and fat-storing cell was demonstrated. 1
8. As a strict study, Chinese scholium is a branch of knowledge concerning not only word interpretation and derivation, but also probing interrelationship among words. 1
9. As current interrelationship grows increasingly intricate, a wide range of problems with relationships have accordingly arisen. 1
10. Because of the interrelation of the guidelines, the article use factor analyse to evaluate business technology innovation ability, we get very good result to use the model into business. 1
11. Can we sharpen the causal interrelations among population, money stock, commercialization, climatic change, food production, and the material well-being of the Chinese peasantry? 1
12. Conflict and punishment is a mediator between interrelationship and suicidal plan. 1
13. Culture exercises an crucial influence over social interrelationship. 1
14. Directed against this problem this forward the evolutional reasoning model based on grey interrelation theory. 1
15. Do you understand their interrelationship? 1
16. Figure 6.9 Flow diagram representing a model of the interrelationships between the processes and components of the hydrological cycle. 1
17. Figure 9 is diagrammatic view of the components and interrelationship therein. 1
18. From a teaching point of view, the author derives and proves the interrelation between electrostatic field and constant magnetic field in the light of the special theory of relativity. 1
19. He constructs a complex set of interrelationships between the different ethnic groups. 1
20. He handled superbly and with deep understanding, that basic interrelation of landscape and its prevailing climatic conditions. 1
21. Here the interrelation between ideology and action is particularly complex. 1
22. Here we can examine further some of the moral implications of belief in the interrelation of life in all its forms. 1
23. Here we might look at the question why Gandhi should lay so much stress on the interrelation of Truth and ahi. 1
24. How that interrelationship between society and the private sector operates and potentiates greater scaling of innovative responses to the HRH crisis is not understood. 1
25. However, most conventional decision models cannot be considered for clarifying the interrelations among the sub-criteria of a criterion by virtue of additivity and independence assumptions. 1
26. In the primary stage of socialism, the interrelation between fairness and efficiency appears the double feature of unity of opposites. 1
27. In this article, the writer expounds the interrelation between criterion for equilibrium and condition of equilibrium in physical chemistry by deducing both of them. 1
28. In this article(This website/physical chemistry.html), the writer expounds the interrelation between criterion for equilibrium and condition of equilibrium in physical chemistry by deducing both of them. 1
29. In this paper,(This website/interrelation.html) the optimum interrelation coordinated in forward drop and turn off time of IGBT is presented. 1
30. Integrated with the trial-produce of the part, the article discusses the structure design, the operating principle, the interrelation and functions of the main parts of the die. 1





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