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# Sentence Times
1. Also , DDES can interdict the attack sources working in network edge service in the same time. 1
2. An ally of the U.S. will use the systems for counter-terror interdiction missions. 1
3. And I don't think we are in a position to block Chinese access to sea lanes unless we want a hot war. Have we interdicte?d any trade routes of late? 1
4. But battlefield air interdiction is not so crisply defined. 1
5. By 1411 Hus had become so influential that Prague was laid under papal interdict. 1
6. Closer to the ship, occasional vague, reptilian shapes would blunder into the interdiction field, cry out, and then crash away through indigo mists . 1
7. He was threatened with a papal interdict. 1
8. However, the discourse of "the end of history" doesn't interdict the mighty current of living. We still on the way, and China on great crankle is making positive response to this historic time. 1
9. In addition to patrol duty , blastboats are dispatched for planetary defense and interdiction missions. 1
10. It also emphasizes a regional and international cooperation, especially on maritime interdiction to make sure weapons don't reach Gaza by sea. 1
11. It is not anticipated that in many cases it would be necessary to seek an interdict. 1
12. Its primary mission is anti-armour and battlefield interdiction, with a secondary capability for air-to-air combat. 1
13. Its working principle is to rely on interdiction or open light shading plate issued by the sub-optical cable, so that by the light bamboo output signal change. 1
14. Lord Penrose, hearing the interdict late at night in his home, turned it down. 1
15. Market agent is not much to the performance of the most typical source of income is subject to interdiction from the developer. 1
16. Methods: Based on the usual method of establishing bilateral hemispheric ischemia model, we interdicted vertebral artery at first and total cervical artery after 24 h. 1
17. Now that the threat of interdict had been made public Henry began to negotiate more seriously. 1
18. Now the military, especially the air force, is becoming much more involved in drug interdiction. 1
19. Officials devote substantial efforts to interdict the illegal movement of travelers through Taipei's international airport. 1
20. One of the commission’s main conclusions is that governments urgently need options beyond eradication, interdiction, criminalization, and incarceration to limit the social consequences of drugs. 1
21. Over the next three years, federal prosecutions of drug cases dropped 12 percent and drug interdiction spending fell 35 percent. 1
22. Perhaps Mr Schumer should demand the interdiction of Frankfurter sausages. 1
23. Quan and Bray were interdicted from interfering with the Vartys'Bengal tiger rehabilitation project. 1
24. Recall might be effected with the consent of the interdictors. 1
25. Recently, it is reported that gap junctional intercellular communication channel is inhibited or interdicted in pathological scar tissue. 1
26. The bishop commanded them under pain of interdict. 1
27. The company has already obtained an interim interdict at the Court of Session banning the inciting or organising of mass picketing. 1
28. the Customs Service's drug interdiction programs. 1
29. The defendant did not obey the interdict. 1
30. The impact coordinate of interdiction submunition was simulated numerically , and the interdiction probability was calculated by matrix simulation method. 2




interdicts (plural noun)

  - an authoritative prohibition.


interdicts (third person present) · interdicted (past tense) · interdicted (past participle) · interdicting (present participle)

  - prohibit or forbid (something).

  - intercept and prevent the movement of (a prohibited commodity or person).


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