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1. "For the equivalent of the promiscuous, we have these big banks globally who have interconnections with all the other banks in the system," says Andrew Haldane. 1
2. A committee sponsored by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) that is responsible for a variety of system interconnection standards. 1
3. A hierarchical network includes multiple single interconnection networks. 1
4. A kind of interconnection method of combing free space optical interconnection with fibers interconnection to transmit the optical signal was presented. 3
5. A low power-dissipation gigabit-per-second optical interconnection data link was realized using field programmable gate array(FPGA). 1
6. A method of device interconnection for determining interruptpriority by connecting the interrupt sources serially. 1
7. A method of interconnection between IBM - Host and VAX - Hostis introduced. 1
8. A monolithic chroma Processing circuit for color TV has been developed using standard bipolar linear technology and double level interconnection technique. 1
9. A monolithic chroma Processing circuit for color TV has been developed using standard bipolar linear technology and double level interconnection technique. This website 1
10. A parallel algorithm for matrix multiplication based on optical transpose interconnection system(OTIS) network is proposed, and the time complexity is analyzed. 1
11. A plated - through hole used for interconnection of conductors on different sides or layers of a PCB. 1
12. A separable reinforced concrete numerical model and fluid-solid interconnection method were used to predict the development of surface bulge in LS-DYNA. 1
13. A two - layer parallel optical interconnection network with rotary joint function was designed. 1
14. A two-layer parallel optical interconnection network has been designed. The top layer was a star network, which was made up of digital routing nod, node computer and optical network interface cards. 1
15. An analysis of policy decision of interconnection between internet backbone providers. 1
16. An interconnection between two A . C . systems operating at independent frequencies. 1
17. Analysing the joints and their interconnection, a general equation was derived for equivalent permeability of a complex connected joint network system. 1
18. And given that interconnection, power in the 21st century is no longer a zero-sum game; one country's success need not come at the expense of another. 1
19. Application Service Definition and Protocol Specification for Open System interconnection. 1
20. At the early stage interconnections issues are the manifestation of the lack of positive attitude, low telephone's put-through rate, inadequate network interconnection capacity and so on. 2
21. ATM access switch is a key device to implement the interconnection of traditional LAN and ATM. 1
22. Based on an embedded Ethernet, a communication controller with multiple interfaces for heterogeneous network interconnection is presented in this paper. 1
23. Based on blackboard model, the basic model for interconnection of video surveillance system and SCADA system is designed. 1
24. Based on the comparison between ARCNET and SNA , this paper introduces the design of the interconnection of ARCNET local area network and IBM 3031 mainframe by means of telephone network. 1
25. Be step by step what conduct pays close attention to with development of interconnection net , the person information propagation efficiency. 1
26. Because RS232 standard outputs signal is not compatible of the PROFIBUS, so RS232 interface equipment can't open interconnection and distributed control with PROFIBUS. 1
27. Beginning with the simplest units, artificial neurons, functionality is then added by combining these nodes into layers with multiple interconnections. 1
28. Building an integrated information system is necessary to realize interconnection and interoperability between multi-army corps, improve the quality of information and real-time share ability. 1
29. Cartesian product, which is one of effective means for conformation of large network from small size network, is vital in topology structure designing for interconnection network. 1
30. Codes or standards may influence the choice of location of the unit as will the point of electrical interconnection in providing separation and avoiding excessive cable route length. 1




interconnections (plural noun)

  - a mutual connection between two or more things.


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