Intercept Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A ball is thrown from player to player and the person in the middle must try to intercept it. 1
2. A long pass by Andy Gregory almost conceded an early try but Graeme Hallas knocked on as he went for the interception. 1
3. A more cynical assessment would be that the Interception of Communications Act 1985 is a crude example of political management. 0
4. A nurse intercepted him before he left and queried whether William had requested it. 1
5. A performance-recording interceptor that recorded performance statistics for each service invocation was written to use this interception point. 1
6. A proportion is intercepted by the leaves and stems of plants, and some is evaporated back into the atmosphere. 1
7. A scheme of thee-mail intercepting and blocking system is given in this paper. 1
8. A terminal guidance model is designed for air-to-air missile ( AAM )to intercept maneuvering targets in this paper. 1
9. According to industry officials, a new breed of digital phone transmits in computer code that is much more difficult to intercept. 1
10. According to Pravda, China performed a successful launch of an ABM interceptor missile. 1
11. According to reports, these illegal immigrants aboard two trucks in Tuxtla - angostura intercepted by the police on the highway. 1
12. Add in zero interceptions, and you have a turnover average of 0. 0. 1
13. Aerial photography can provide valuable information on precipitation, evapotraspiration, interception, and runoff. 1
14. Aikman, as he always has in Super Bowls, threw for a high completion percentage, with no interceptions. 1
15. Aiming at the defects of the welding lines, the author adopts the method of projection intercept to calculate the length of the defect exactly and effectively. 1
16. All but one of these letter bombs had been intercepted by vigilant post office staff. 1
17. All three fighter planes were intercepted and destroyed. 1
18. Also, it can change the intercept and slope of the regression line. 1
19. Alternatively, let him fly high to act as a aerial patrol to intercept an enemy trying the same thing. 1
20. Always increase the interception angle if the wind significantly affects it. 1
21. An advanced model, the Nike - Zeus, is designed to intercept invading missiles. 1
22. An approximate optimal disturbances rejection control law is obtained by intercepting a finite iterative result of optimal control law sequence. 1
23. An attitude control law for single axial direction control of an exoatmospheric interceptor is put forward. 1
24. An errant blind drop pass was intercepted by Iginla, who had only goalie Alexei Egorov in his way. 1
25. An implementation of the Trust Association Interceptor (TAI) is required for every type of security server. 0
26. An innovative design in which intercepting main sewers are laid under streambed of a river in an old city is presented with a set of technical measures. 1
27. An intercept optimization approach of the exo- atmospheric interceptor is proposed by the middle and terminal flight stages. 2
28. An intercepted feedback compensation method of thermal error of CNC machine tool is researched in this paper. 1
29. An iRule uses an easy-to-learn scripting syntax that enables the BIG-IP LTM to customize how it intercepts, inspects, transforms, and directs inbound or outbound application traffic. 1
30. An unsuspecting crew member intercepted a call destined for the prince and passed it on to Diana. 1




intercepts (third person present) · intercepted (past tense) · intercepted (past participle) · intercepting (present participle)

  - obstruct (someone or something) so as to prevent them from continuing to a destination.


intercepts (plural noun)

  - an act or instance of intercepting something.


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