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# Sentence Times
1. "Escape" of aldosterone may occur in the treatment of heart failure with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, thus decreasing the effects of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor. 2
2. "Jingzheng Recipe" and "Weizheng Recipe" have good effects in inhibiting the apoptosis of neurocyte and glial, the latter Recipe with better effects. 1
3. "This study suggests that blocking RSK activity inhibits fibrogenesis directly by inducing HSC apoptosis, and indirectly, by reducing liver injury and inflammation, " the authors conclude. 1
4. A 3D database searching was conducted with 3DFS in 3D database using the pharmacophore of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) tyrosine kinase inhibitors. 1
5. A characteristic pattern of connections among neurons (nerve cell is lateral inhibition network. 1
6. A chemical compound or substance that inhibits oxidation. 1
7. A chemical sprout inhibitor should be used for long term storage. 1
8. A chemical substance that destroys or inhibits the growth of fungi. 1
9. A cholinesterase inhibitor ( ChEI ) and immunosuppressive therapy were applied for treatment. 1
10. A common manifestation of bronchiolar edema and stiff lungs due to heart failure is a dry cough, which must be differentiated from that occurring in 5% of patients treated with ACE inhibitors. 1
11. A comparative feeding trial was done by using 16 healthy lactating cows with urease inhibitor premix. 1
12. A competitive inhibitor is usually structurally similar to the substrate, e. g. malonate is a competitive inhibitor of the enzyme succinate dehydrogenase. 2
13. A continuously open wound inhibits anabolism. 1
14. A corrosion inhibitor of alcohol fuel to metal is prepared with benzotriazoles, dimeric linoleic acid anticorrosion agent and hindered phenols antioxidant through dilution and mixing. 1
15. A few studies have suggested that some short sleepers may have hypomania, a mild form of mania with racing thoughts and few inhibitions. 1
16. A film forming quarternary ammonium salt corrosion inhibitor 9912 1 containing aza heterocycle was synthesized. 1
17. A green scale inhibitor of polyaspartic acid (PASP) was prepared from the thermal polycondensation of the monomers maleic anhydride and ammonia water. 1
18. A key factor that most authorities assumed was inhibiting productivity growth in the white-collar sector was the lack of measurement. 1
19. A kind of technique of purification and determination of activity of human placental ribonuclease inhibitor(PRI) was studied. 1
20. A lack of oxygen may inhibit brain development in the unborn child. 1
21. A large emotional charge may also inhibit repeater technique. 1
22. A large service sector and a small manufacturing sector inhibit growth in the economy. 1
23. A large service sector and a small manufacturing sector would tend to inhibit growth in the economy. 1
24. A low NaCl concentration could promote radicle growth, while excessive NaCl would lead to inhibition. 1
25. A method for inhibiting the formation of polymeric based fouling deposits normally formed during the caustic washing of hydrocarbons is disclosed. 1
26. A method for inhibiting the formation of polymeric based fouling deposits normally formed during the caustic washing to hydrocarbons is disclosed. 1
27. A method was described for the determination of streptomycin residues in milk by microbiologic inhibition tests. 1
28. A new technology for chemical polishing of copper in weak alkaline solution has been developed and a brightener (containing corrosion inhibitor and surfactant) has been found out. 1
29. A newspaper controlled by a conglomerate multinational business is inhibited in discussing large areas of business. 1
30. A notice on his door offered "Psychoanalysis for your typewriter, whether it's frustrated, inhibited, schizoid, or what have you, " and he was as good as his word. 1

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