Infringement Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A chartered accountant will be held for infringement when issuing false capital verification reports. 1
2. A person who instigates or assists a person without ability of civil conduct to perform infringement act shall be an infringer, and shall undertake civil liabilities. 1
3. Accordingly, our law should give definitions to act of tort and non - infringement of copyright. 1
4. Acer Inc. said on Friday it had counter sued Hewlett - Packard Development Co. for patent infringement. 1
5. Actually, it must be realized that legal interest infringement in environmental crime has two aspects: life and health and property, and environmental right. 1
6. Additional damages are also provided for as they are for copyright infringement and the unregistered design right generally. 1
7. Administrative organization may restrict its discretionary power through self-discipline, but the administrative crankiness to efficiency can not fully prevent the infringement of civil rights. 1
8. Among them, state also should give the appropriate indemnification for spiritual injury caused by administrative infringement. 1
9. An added bonus would be if the system has a facility for "Traffic Light Speed Cameras" or "Red Light Traffic Infringement". 0
10. An endorsement like that may make Mr Koons forget all about losing his six-figure copyright infringement suit. 1
11. An exact match will be sufficient to convict the farmer of a pollution infringement. 1
12. An immediate potential problem presents as possible ethical infringement upon the doctor-patient relationship. 1
13. An infringement of the highway code, of copyright , of sb's privacy. 1
14. An interlocutory injunction, preventing further infringement, may be available before that date. 1
15. And the paper also makes valuation on viewpoints and practice from scholars and courts on the application of the statute of limitation of continuing infringement of IP. 1
16. Article 10 Parents and other guardians shall protect minors from personal infringement, may not maltreat or abandon them, and may not discriminate the female or disabled minors. 1
17. Article 217 of penal law stipulates that four actions are infringement of copyright. 1
18. Article 22 Patent authorities that handle the patent infringements dispute shall make a decision on the settlement within three months from the date of acceptance. 1
19. Aruba said it was seeking a permanent injunction against use of its patented technologies, as well as monetary damages for infringement. 1
20. As one of the infringements, misrepresentation contains false recordation, misleading representation and material omission. 1
21. As one pseudonymous commenter quoted on wrote: "China's demolition crews must go sue Old Cameron, sue him for piracy/copyright infringement." 1
22. BBS, the operators providing bulletin board in the net, should bear the responsibility of the copyright infringement on condition of the presumed fault. 1
23. Burroughs filed a patent infringement suit in a North Carolina federal court. 1
24. But, loss of human rights, often mentioned by people, involves human rights infringement, which will definitely produce unintegrated human rights. 1
25. Carrie felt this question to be an infringement on her liberty. 1
26. Chapter three demonstrates how to cognize the infringement of works of applied art. 1
27. China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce says the government has tackled some 28,000 foreign trademark infringement cases since China joined the WTO in 2001. 1
28. City manager Stuart Pearce refused to criticise Styles for missing Drogba's infringement. 1
29. Common violations against the intimacy privacy refer to violation conducted by two or more, who should be held joint and several liabilities for the infringements. 1
30. Compensation is a kind of basic method about legal remedy of infringement of commercial goodwill. 1

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