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1. “The climate is continuing to show the influence of greenhouse gases, ” said David R. Easterling, a scientist at NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. 1
2. 'It's really a different set of skills: 'How do I influence this group and gain credibility?'' says John Churchill, the training and development manager. 1
3. " in fact, "Demon animal disturbance " the influence is returned not merely hereat , internet knows a personage to thank article criterion to think, this is the beginning of domino effect. 1
4. "A growing anti-establishment sentiment and increasing Islamophobia has seen anti-immigrant populist political parties increase their influence, " Biswas noted. 1
5. "As an emergent great power, China, too, has the ability not just to act but to lead; to be great not just in size but in influence; to energise others around the world" he will say. 0
6. "As the most popular tourist attraction in Scotland, Nessie's influence on the cash flow of that country has been significant," wrote the authors of "The 101 most influential people who never lived." 1
7. "at the same time, influenced by Griffith' s american films, montage was developed as an editing technique in "Potemkin (Battleship and "The End of St. Peterburg"(1927). " 1
8. "El Magnifico" shows why artists such as the Chemical Brothers cite The Young Gods as a major influence. 1
9. "One gender isn't inherently more talkative than the other, it's just that a lot of times it depends on the situation and gender role influences, " Leaper said. 1
10. "Poems expressing wills and determinations, " irony and sarcasm, elegancy and the active romanticism of Chu Verses had deeply influenced the creative arts of Mao Zedong's poems. 1
11. "The country which completes the standardisation work first might greatly influence the future international standards in nanotechnology, " said Bai in an interview with the Xinhua news agency. 1
12. "There is an age old hypothesis in psychology that a person's wishes, hopes and desires can influence what they see," said David Dunning, Cornell University psychologist and co-author of the study. 1
13. "You have this beautiful, built-in, natural control, because you've controlled for any genetic influence on antisocial behavior, " Burt explained. 1
14. 1.A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. 1
15. A behavioral model is developed and produced from subjectivity and therefore should be universal. Would such a model be influenced by the difference in gender? 1
16. A better quenching effect is obtained when the temperature increases; and the quenching result is also influenced by the mixing time of fluorescence quenching agent and the pulp. 1
17. A compliance coefficient is a particular kind of flexibility - influence coefficient. 1
18. A comprehensive study on brake judder, including phenomena, mechanism, influence factors, research methods and control measures was done in this paper. 1
19. A computer-aided simulation used to observe the influence of changing filtration parameter on upflow rough filtration is necessary because of the long term of operation cycle. 1
20. A continuous robust term is adopted to minify the influence of modeling error or disturbance, and it not only enhances the system's robustness but also improves the flexibility of the design process. 1
21. A controversial but pivotal figure in his era, Warhol's works and life continue to influence art, fashion, film, and advertising through to present times. 1
22. A critical point corresponding to the Flow number 1.8 was firstly observed in process of investigating influence of solid-gas density ratio to fluidized behaviors. 1
23. A derailed train can slide into the influence of a tunnel mouth and will then be allowed to continue sliding below ground, as long as there is a continuous series of tunnel pieces to contain it. 1
24. A direct numerical simulation (DNS) technique based on two-way coupling was developed to study the influences on gas-phase jet by dispersed particles in a two-phase turbulent jet. 1
25. A dispenser for dispensing a web downwardly from a vertically arranged tubular roll of the web provides for preventing unwanted dispensing of the web under the influence of gravity. 1
26. A dry red full bodied with generous red-berried fruits on the palate and subtle French and American oak influence. 1
27. A dynamic criterion is supposed based on the separable nature of value function. With this criterion, we combine influence diagrams with dynamic economic assessment. Thus the dynamic risk... 1
28. A global assessment of data since 1970 has shown that it is likely that anthropogenic (human made) warming has had a discernible influence on many physical and biological systems. 1
29. A government report in 1959 made recommendations that influenced developments in the training of social work staff of this kind. 1
30. A hostile demonstration by about 20,000 people near the nunciature earlier on Jan. 3 apparently influenced his decision. 1




influences (plural noun)

  - the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.


influences (third person present) · influenced (past tense) · influenced (past participle) · influencing (present participle)

  - have an influence on.


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