Infatuated Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use infatuated, so you can learn how to use infatuated in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word infatuated here, and see the words sound like or similar to infatuated

# Sentence Times
1. All our friends know he's infatuated with me and always comes back when his temper has cooled down. 1
2. All our friends know he's infatuated with me and always comes back when his temper has cooled down.Sentencedict 1
3. Also do not be infatuated with the money, because it is easy come, easy go. 1
4. And people more be infatuated with the aroma at her, capricious ground sprinkles the liliaceous perfume of on one ground, swirl, thick shade is weak. 1
5. And so the infatuated surgeon went along through the gorgeous autumn landscape of White - Hart Vale. 1
6. Are all of my own wishful thinking and clumsy infatuated. 1
7. As the regression of the neo-romanticism, 30 years old of a few right-and-left people begin to be infatuated with Europe type amorous feelings afresh again. 1
8. As the son of a natural scientist, he has always been infatuated with the jungle and its creatures. 1
9. Behaving like an infatuated teenager, just because he's taken me out, and kissed me a few times? 1
10. Being infatuated is a lot like taking amphetamines. 1
11. Colombia is the infatuated fool, that you will guard your life! 1
12. Do not be infatuated with pride. 1
13. Don't be infatuated with the glorious yesterday, what we should do is to taste the perspiration. 1
14. Down to date, we still infatuated crazy idea here, covet you to return. 1
15. Example: the infatuated mug that stuck to his blotchy hand when he started with homework. 1
16. Finch was totally infatuated with her and they both put away vast quantities of alcohol between them. 1
17. He begins to be infatuated with at that time namely at Italy horological, and interest sends irremediable. 1
18. He is infatuated with her, and doesn't see her faults. 1
19. He says: "I do not like the close action of osculant and so on, but I am special the sort of feeling that is infatuated with two individual skins to contact." 1
20. He was utterly infatuated with her. 1
21. He's so infatuated with the idea that he can't talk about anything else. 1
22. I am scarcely infatuated with the sweetness of my native air. 1
23. I originally thought that he is transgender desires, then found himself still infatuated with his male body, I don't want to be like a woman woman. 1
24. I stay with my friend Allan, a flaky architect I had briefly been infatuated with in 1983. 1
25. I supinely begin look goes against beautiful scene, unconsciously infatuateds. 1
26. I think he is infatuated with you. 1
27. I'm infatuated with you. 1
28. Is really be infatuated with in which, lets the human forget to return. 1
29. Jane is infatuated with Stephen but he doesn't care tuppence for her. 1
30. John had become infatuated with the French teacher. 1






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