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# Sentence Times
1. A court ruled similarly on the inclusion of Transcendental Meditation in the curriculum. 1
2. A criterion of instant and obvious utility can not be the sole criterion for the inclusion of items in the school curriculum. 1
3. A fibreglass O2SU Kingfisher replica was also constructed for inclusion on the full-scale battleship Arizona replica being constructed. 1
4. A great quantity of fluid-melt inclusions was found in early-stage formed fluorite and quartz from aegirine-augite-barite pegmatite vein and carbonatite vein in Mianning REE deposit of Sichuan. 1
5. A high percentage of lead in steels solidifies at the tip of manganese sulfide inclusions. 1
6. A key inclusion is a proposed amendment to the Individual Income Tax Law. 1
7. A new method was suggested to calculate the trapping temperature and pressure of inclusion using the isochore equations of both petroleum inclusion and its coeval aqueous inclusions. 3
8. A nightly news programme, involving late inclusions and enforced changes in running order, is bound to be frenetic. 1
9. A possible list of topics for inclusion in a suitable course is suggested below. 1
10. A second smoothie type , the Southern version , evolved without inclusion of dairy products. 1
11. A simplified semigeostrophic frontogenesis model with inclusion of large-scale condensation latent heat is derived and the effects of latent heat release on frontogenesis of warm front are discussed. 1
12. A striking feature of the Bank's recent sponsorship programme has been the inclusion of major exhibitions alongside the more traditional concerts. 1
13. A submission has been made to the Minister for Social Welfare for inclusion in the Act. 1
14. Absorption of inclusions to slag, steel reoxidation by slag, and protective effect of the slag at ladle, continuous tundish and nold are discussed. 1
15. Abstract:On the base of flow field in RH degasser, a three dimensional mathematical model was developed to study the coalescence and removal of inclusions. 1
16. According to the data on the bitumen reflectance and inclusion homogenization temperature, it is shown that the organic matters in Lower Ordovician source rocks are in the high maturity stage. 1
17. Adherence to such a scheme, modified perhaps by inclusion of the Asiatic stage, has continued to the present day. 1
18. After a minimum period of five days stability they were eligible for randomisation and inclusion into the trial. 1
19. After a successful search, this EAI application sends the information to the SOA for inclusion in the composite application. Meanwhile, the Retail Management System is unloaded. 1
20. After analysis, the major affecting factor of alloy fluidity and body contraction are compositions, pouring temperature and the inclusions of alloy. 1
21. After dissolution of inclusion bodies in binding buffer containing 8M Urea, the fusion protein was purified with metal affinity chromatography column, high purity protein was achieved. 1
22. After isolation of the inclusion bodies, the optimum conditions of denaturation and renaturation were studied. 1
23. AIM To establish a new protocol for the determination of viral intranuclear inclusions with microdissection technique. 1
24. Albite and labradorite both belong to plagioclase series, but they are the two different varieties. According to the characters of inclusion and transparency, iridescent ... 1
25. All work by current students is eligible for inclusion in the journal. 1
26. Also, we has studied the inclusion relations to the class of analytic functions and harmonic univalent functions with negative coefficients . 1
27. Among other tokens of its friendship, Beijing has stoutly and steadfastly resisted India's inclusion in the same Security Council which Nehru's 'pehle aap' politesse ushered China into. 1
28. An index proportional to the content of inclusions from a specified limit size upwards can be calculated separately for the oxide and sulfide components or as a total value. 1
29. An infinite elastic solid containing a doubly periodic rectangular array of cylindrical inclusions under longitudinal shear is dealt with. 1
30. An obvious candidate for inclusion in these tables is the delay between referral and first appointment in outpatient clinics. 1




inclusions (plural noun)

  - the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.

  - the practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those who have physical or mental disabilities and members of other minority groups.


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