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# Sentence Times
1. A ? ? time theme ? ? is always implied in the metaphysical connotation layer of Chekhov's psychological works. 1
2. A doctrine of creation could give coherence to scientific endeavor in so far as it implied a dependable order behind the flux of nature. 1
3. A government, on the contrary, always has a sanction, expressed or implied. 1
4. A secure soloist, it is implied, might not be given much guidance. 1
5. A sequence of characters followed by an actual or implied line terminator. 1
6. According to the specification, this value should be "An identifier that uniquely and opaquely identifies the semantics implied by this message." 1
7. Advertisements addressed to the general public and relied upon by the plaintiff may give rise to an express or implied warranty so as to form the basis of a products liability action. 1
8. Again, the level of risk implied by this explanation seems inconsistent with the dosimetry and previous estimates of genetic risk. 1
9. All constraints for a unary fact are implied. 1
10. All implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use are expressly excluded. 1
11. Although it is often vulgar and unrefined, its implied meaning can be both deep and eloquent. 1
12. Although we endeavour to ensure the accuracy of the information on this web site, no express or implied warranty is given by us as to its accuracy. 1
13. An express warranty does not exclude an implied warranty, unless it be inconsistent therewith. 1
14. An implied trust is also referred to as a presumptive trust. 1
15. An obligation of confidence can arise through contract, either express or implied. 1
16. An underlying or implied tendency or meaning; an undercurrent. 1
17. And is there no implied intention, then, to rest satisfied with some final body or sufficient number of facts? 1
18. And the baggage which is usually implied with it, which includes demands for evidence of instant and dramatic conversion experiences! 1
19. Anticipatory breach of contract consists of express anticipatory breach of contract and implied anticipatory breach of contract, which is the specified by the Anglo-American law system. 1
20. Apart from the clearly implied step toward preventive detention, it was almost impossible not to detect an underlying racism. 1
21. Are pure and applied science different , having little or no, as is often implied. 1
22. As a consequence of the above cases, it had often been implied that breach of any restrictive covenant would be irremediable. 1
23. As a team with which to go goat-hunting it was not quite so exiguous as he implied. 1
24. As an important tool of testing time series stationarity, unit root test is always used, and cointegration test is also often implied for judging long equilibrium between nonstationary variables. 1
25. As I have implied, many of Durkheim's conclusions are tautological or based upon inaccurate assumptions and evidence. 1
26. As I have implied,(This website/implied.html) many of Durkheim's conclusions are tautological or based upon inaccurate assumptions and evidence. 1
27. As is implied by the name, the most characteristic lesion is hypoplasia of the nasal turbinates. 1
28. As the discussion in this section has implied, a general analysis of the phonological system is a prerequisite to quantitative analysis. 1
29. As we have implied, the manner in which the change proceeds is conditioned by both social and phonological factors. 1
30. Aside from being easier to read and understand, is there any technical difference between stating an interface explicitly in the base type list and leaving it unstated but implied? 1




  - suggested but not directly expressed; implicit.


  - strongly suggest the truth or existence of (something not expressly stated).


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