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1. “The study indicates there are long-term implications for early behavioral regularity,” co-author Linnea Burk, Ph.D., of the Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute and Clinics, told Psychiatric News. 1
2. " In the third part, the authors focus on finishing a "Dialogue" covers jurisprudence implication, and from the "nominalism", "State ratio" to explain aspects of "Dialogue. 1
3. " In the third part, the authors focus on finishing a "Dialogue" covers jurisprudence implication, and from the "nominalism", "State ratio" to explain aspects of "Dialogue. This website 1
4. "Both of which would have severe financial implications for the financial stability and viability of the euro zone, " the statement said. 1
5. "It's very disturbing to think about the potential implications of a century-long decline of the base of the food chain," said lead author Daniel Boyce, a marine ecologist. 1
6. "The implication is that we are approaching a pivot point where the flow of material into surrounding LME Asian warehouses will ultimately reverse," he said on Sunday. 1
7. "These findings have potential implications for the health care needs of children with ADHD," said study author Dr. Christine Limbers, assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience at Baylor. 1
8. "To re-explain the explanation" can describe more actually the whole course of the essay's realizing implication, and can work as one of the essay' s implication' s realizing ways. 1
9. A diversified imputation system taking into consideration fault, danger, implications and injurious acts is an open and hierarchical system. 1
10. A further dimension concerns the implications of acceptance and of market potential for supply industries. 1
11. A gate that performs the Boolean operation of implication. 1
12. A gold packet of king size a regal insignia, an attractive implication toward glamour and wealth. 1
13. A logician will find still more buried implications. 1
14. A long-duration preclinical phase has important implications for epidemiologic studies and future interventions designed to slow or halt the neurodegenerative process. 1
15. A month after the invasion the full implications of that realignment could only be guessed at. 1
16. A new World Bank paper prepared for the G20 finance ministers' meeting in Horsham , UK, this weekend warns that the financial crisis could have long-term implications for developing countries. 1
17. A number of distinguished commentators, most of them ecclesiastics, were assembled to evaluate the programmes and their implications. 1
18. A public service agency spends so much time studying the financial implications of a project that cost overruns are virtually guaranteed. 1
19. A qualified audit report, as opposed to an unqualified report, should leave the reader in no doubt as to its meaning and implications. 1
20. A quarter were concerned about the resource implication of placements. 1
21. A shortened time horizon may of course have alarming implications for social and political tolerance. 1
22. Accessibility as a concept is discussed in chapter 6; here it is sufficient to mention its implications for personal mobility. 1
23. According to the findings, implications for career counseling and further researches were provided. 1
24. Acquiring the acquisition order by the method of relative frequency, acquisition confidence and implication scale and above analysis. 1
25. Aderson, J . R . Cognitive Psychology and Its implication . Worth Publisher . 1
26. Afterwards John Lawrence and I discussed the implications of what had happened. 1
27. Again, the seemingly trivial was to have wide implications. 1
28. Again, we have to consider the legal implications. 1
29. Alai's novelette "Forever Galuo" has been taken as an example to show the implication of Alai's native land. 1
30. All of the self-discipline and all of the self-denial in the world can do nothing -- this seems to be one of the implications of this poem - can do nothing to protect the poet from an untimely death. 1

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