Impetuous Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use impetuous, so you can learn how to use impetuous in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word impetuous here, and see the words sound like or similar to impetuous

# Sentence Times
1. "With family name wall " already be lost, character how hard textual research, nevertheless if impetuouses and can live to be today, it is a crackajack Great Master that bet stone certainly. 1
2. A typical archer public figure, warm honest is actually impetuous restlessly. 1
3. Already Nicola, ever impetuous, was outgrowing Oxford, and knocking back every overture to come her way. 1
4. Although he is impetuous, Ho Lung is very humble. 1
5. an impetuous dash for freedom . 1
6. And her coolness and calculation may not go down so badly after the impetuousness of the Bush years. 1
7. And, he adds, "there is an element of impetuousness of judgment, which might result from being a woman. 1
8. And, he adds, there is an element of impetuousness, which might result from being a woman. 1
9. As Akbar and Tundrish opened fire with bolts, Yeremi lunged to drag the impetuous, or hallucinating, fool back. 1
10. As the impetuous development of computer software industry and Internet, the software piracy and cracking which is aiming at software are running rampantly. 1
11. As to the ideological work, we should never go about impetuously. 1
12. As to women, he had once already been drawn headlong by impetuous folly. 1
13. As you said, it is in the nature of young men to be foolhardy and impetuous. 1
14. Before the flames of the fire - god, the impetuous warrior speedily retreated. 1
15. But with the development of processing trade, the cost of labor escalated, trade barriers became daily frequency, international competition got to much more impetuously. 1
16. Caleb in Hebrew means : bold, impetuous . Caleb was the son of Jephunneh. 1
17. Considering your impetuousness and the number of your enemies, a dozen dozen more might be a good idea. 1
18. During spasms of extreme activity he relied on his assistants to screen his more impetuous commands. 1
19. For Fowlkes, leaving would be impetuous and misguided. 1
20. He escaped impetuously, like the wolf who finds his cage open. 1
21. He is an impetuous fellow. 1
22. He is too impetuous and owing to a desire to lead everything, he fails of his goal. 1
23. He says she's impetuous and emotional. 1
24. He tended to react in a heated and impetuous way. 1
25. He was high-spirited and impetuous. 1
26. He was young and impetuous. 1
27. He's not really at all impetuous. 1
28. He's so impetuous - why can't he think things over before he rushes into them? 1
29. His level - headedness counter - balances her impetuousness. 1
30. If you want impetuous and rash and someone to make their mark on the game, and their opponents, this fire-brand will give you what you crave. 1

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