Immoderate Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A negotiation with Jordan, less immoderate and free of any influence, was more hopeful. 1
2. Already the tragic discovery of a yellow-suited body among the pinnacles has led to furious and immoderate speculation in the national press. 1
3. Also, one step in"Step Algorithm", which takes off one unit of bandwidth away from the virtual path with lowest CBP in the whole network, is explained to be immoderate. 1
4. Although Leapor accepts that many women are guilty of inconstancy and immoderate behaviour, she none the less holds out the prospect of transformation. 1
5. Among a growing minority there was a tendency to immoderate attacks on selectors and, increasingly, Martin Crowe's leadership. 1
6. Brand seems like a kind of immoderate murder which entrepreneurs conduct to the consumers'thinking rights. 1
7. Consequently, many student just chat on line or play computer games immoderately every day, skipping many important classes. 1
8. Dinah would contract such an immoderate attachment to her scoured tin. 1
9. Dr. Ramsay, opening his mouth, threw back his head and laughed immoderately. 1
10. Experts, institutions, researches connected with the TV Home Shopping industry are immoderately short. 1
11. He knew he was immoderate. 1
12. He launched an immoderate tirade on Turner. 1
13. His gravity made us laugh immoderately. 1
14. His successor , Ben Bernanke , did best to allay fears of an immoderate slowdown. 1
15. In 1761 J. Hill associated cancer of the nasal passages with the immoderate use of snuff. 1
16. In the modern system of architecture, decoration is immoderately expensive, because it is both wrongly placed and wrongly finished. 1
17. Mankind's behaviors of immoderately use the environment and resources suffered from the retaliation of environment, and then begin to study the sustainable development problem. 1
18. Others still view marijuana, like alcohol, as a largely harmless indulgence, dangerous only when used immoderately. 1
19. Rohmer flooded the screen with light and color—the film is one of the most beautiful ever made—and ever since that experience I have been immoderately grateful to him. 1
20. That is mainly showed on immoderately stylized artifice, which has transformed into pure-technique style of craftsman. 1
21. The City of London, lower Manhattan, and a few other centers became money machines that made investment bankers, hedge-fund managers, and private equity folk immoderately wealthy. 1
22. Their demands might be immoderate. 1
23. This is not the time or the place for immoderate tones. 1
24. To indulge oneself immoderately, as in wallowing in self-pity. 1
25. To indulge oneself immoderately, as wallowing in self - pity. 1
26. Twelve of our crew were dead by immoderate labour, and ill food. 1
27. We laughed so immoderately that he had to dismiss us for that evening. 1





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