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1. "In times of hardship like in this economy, people scrutinize immigration, but it's been proven time and time again that immigrants contribute to this economy and our country, " he says. 1
2. "We have never promoted the test for fetal sexing, but some mothers need the paternity test results for immigration applications and other purposes ... 1
3. A cap on the number of suspension of deportation cases granted had never been set before, immigration officials said. 1
4. A considerable number of people object to the government's attitude to immigration. 1
5. A feature of the demonstration was the large number of placards denouncing the immigration policies of the Socialist government. 1
6. A few hours later, then immigration Minister Philip Ruddock was out telling the world, and the "children overboard" scandal became legend. 1
7. A law that took effect in 1994 requires applicants for new licenses to provide proof of legal immigration status. 1
8. A lot of things are happening nationally focusing on immigration issues. 1
9. A similarly combined immigration bill in the Senate was split last week by the Senate Judiciary Committee. 1
10. About $3.5 million has been spent since 2001, when the immigration and Naturalization Service promised a redesign. 1
11. Activists criticized the state's deafening silence on the issue of immigration. 1
12. After a lightning whip through immigration, an official located all their luggage and polo sticks and whizzed them through customs. 1
13. After you've been through immigration , you can go and get your luggage. 1
14. Alan Simpson of Wyoming attempted to expand the bill to cover legal immigration. 1
15. All but closed to immigration, Japan faces an acute labor shortage, especially for jobs at the country's hardscrabble farms or small family-run factories. 1
16. All he knew was that white people had to have their documents stamped and details taken by immigration officials. 1
17. All of us realise there are concerns on immigration, but we must be very careful not to jeopardise these earnings, these links and this global reputation. 1
18. All the bleeding hearts and socialists oppose the changes to the immigration law. 1
19. Already the opposition has united to set up a working group on immigration, with a view to formulating a new bill. 1
20. Although this territory's immigration laws would not allow for naturalisation , a person born in the territory before 1983 would hold BOTC (and British citizenship) on that basis. 1
21. America has been a melting pot since the beginning of European immigration. 1
22. An immigration-reform measure pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee would cut the length of employment to three years, but Sen. 0
23. And he has been negotiating with the Congress over the budget and our immigration laws. 1
24. And immigration is still refusing to see that this man deserves consideration for his sacrifice. 1
25. And like Japan, Taiwan faces a demographic problem, with a slowing birthrate and little immigration. 1
26. Another non - nefarious cause of increasing income disparity may be our ever - higher immigration rates. 1
27. Any change in the law could open the floodgates to increased immigration. 1
28. Anyone who publicly questions the wisdom of current U. S. immigration policy is promptly charged with bigotry, prejudice, ethnocentrism , chauvinism, isolationism or selfishness. 1
29. APEC business travel card holders also enjoy fast track access with immigration check - in. 1
30. Article 17: Investors in the Kingdom of Cambodia shall be free to hire Cambodian nationals and foreign nationals of their choosing in compliance with the labor and immigration law. 1





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