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# Sentence Times
1. 'There is evidence . . . showing the cooperation of the Venezuelan government in the illegal collaboration between FARC and ETA,' according to the indictment. 1
2. "Did you ever raise money illegally?" the interviewer inquired. 1
3. "I'm arresting you on suspicion of illegally possessing drugs, " said the police officer. 1
4. "It rules out the argument that the only reason people take illegal drugs is to self medicate," says White. 1
5. "It's fundamentally clear that the McLaren wing design is totally illegal, " Bell told the BBC. "They have driven a cart horse through the spirit of the rules and regulations. 1
6. "Let's start with the false claim that illegal immigrants will get health insurance under reform, " said the president. 1
7. "People believe they can deforest illegally because sooner or later all will be forgiven, " he told the Associated Press. 1
8. "That's what will happen if you park your car illegally, " Mayor Arturas Zuokas, an avid cyclist, says in a clip posted on the Vilnius City website. 1
9. "This WTO ruling shatters the convenient myth that European governments must illegally subsidise Airbus to counter US government assistance to Boeing, " said Michael Luttig, general counsel at Boeing. 1
10. "We have got evidence of widespread and anarchic illegal logging in national parks in both Kalimantan and Sarawak, " he said. 1
11. "We want to pre-empt any auction of Gandhi items in the future by making it known that selling or buying these heritage articles is illegal, " the official was quoted as saying. 1
12. 147 of the illegal immigrants remain in detention. 1
13. 160,000 CDs were seized from illegal factories. 1
14. 1922 - Popular author and Irish Republican Army member Robert Erskine Childers is executed by an Irish Free State firing squad for illegally carrying a revolver. 1
15. 1986 - Iran Contra Affair: US Attorney General Edwin Meese announces that profits from covert weapons sales to Iran were illegally diverted to the anti-communist Contra rebels in Nicaragua. 1
16. A black colobus monkey is roasted for sale at an illegal bush-meat market in Gabon. 1
17. A child can not comprehend the subtle difference between illegal segregation in the South and racial imbalance in the North. 1
18. A contract cannot arise out of an illegal act. 1
19. A drug , C 17 H 25 N, used in veterinary medicine as an anesthetic and illegally as a hallucinogen; PCP. 1
20. A family of illegal aliens is peppered with shotgun pellets in a drive-by shooting. 1
21. A federal whistle-blower law protects employees who disclose their employers' illegal activities. 1
22. A few years ago, in typically colorful language, the North labeled the NLL "an illegal and brigandish line drawn by the U. S. on our sacred territorial waters. 1
23. A franchisor falsely borrow the name of Franchising and illegally engage in direct selling activities. 1
24. A funny collection of laws you will not believe are actually still inexistence. Did you know that it is illegal to.. 1
25. A further 40,000 boat people still waiting to be screened will almost certainly be ruled illegal as well. 1
26. A gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) analytical method for three anorectics drugs, fenfluramine, diethylpropion and mazindol, illegally adulterated in slimming foods has been developed. 1
27. A government's decision this month to deport all illegal immigrants. 1
28. A Homicide is not always an illegal act. 1
29. A lair of illegal activities conducting forged documents was destroyed by the police. 1
30. A market place where illegal or hard-to-get items are sold or where money is illegal exchanged. 2

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