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1. Background: Peroxynitrite was hypothesized to be involved in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis through its various neurotoxic effects. 1
2. But the theorists do not specify precisely how important Fordism was, nor how its hypothesized dominance was established. 1
3. Finally has carried on the study and realization to the change gear case CAD system hypothesized packaging technique. 1
4. For example, extraneous voiceless stops are often hypothesized at utterance onset. 1
5. I have long hypothesized a connection between these factors. 1
6. I hypothesized that all the things were his gimmick. 1
7. In light of the fine line between pleasure and pain, it has been hypothesized that BDSM is associated with an atypically high pain threshold. 1
8. In summary, our results provide circumstantial support for the hypothesized link between solar cycle length and irradiance. 1
9. Initially this focusing of attention is hypothesized to improve task performance by concentrating resources on the salient aspects of stimuli. 1
10. It could be hypothesized that the ZNF474, functioning as a germ cell specific transcription factor may play important roles in spermatid differentiation and oocyte development. 1
11. It was hypothesized here that the flattening of the hierarchy was apparent, but this did not automatically democratize. 1
12. Leukocyte telomere length (LTL) reflects not only chronologic age but also the burden of disease. We hypothesized that LTL would be decreased in children with OSA. 1
13. Objectives: We hypothesized that deletion or pharmacologic inhibition of PI3K would impair the lung inflammatory response to the prototypic gram-positive bacterial pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae. 1
14. Q: Why is the hypothesized object dubbed "Tyche," and why choose a Greek name when the names of other planets derive from Roman mythology? 1
15. Redondo Beach police Sergeant Phil Keenan hypothesized to Reuters that the fish had exhausted the oxygen supply by congregating in too small a space. 1
16. Scientists have hypothesized that the dinosaurs were killed by a giant meteor. 1
17. So we have hypothesized that the pickpocket's curved hand motions may trigger eye control by the mark's pursuit system, whereas fast, straight motions may cause the saccadic system to take the lead. 1
18. The hypothesized community in network, like the life community and rooming house of the undergraduate students, etc, has become a very important form of the new type undergraduate organization. 1
19. The hypothesized function of subcostal brace in mayflies is to strengthen the connection between distantly separated longitudinal veins because of sclerite plate at radius vein base. 1
20. The hypothesized neurons of the model are selective for absolute disparity and have facilitative extra receptive field. 1
21. The hypothesized precondition of freely floating interest rate implied in Classic IS-LM Pattern does not adapt to the objective reality of interest rate control in China at present. 1
22. The units Mendel hypothesized are today known as alleles , alternative forms of genes. 1
23. There are hypothesized, including coronary artery embolism, coronary spasm , illegal drug abuse and toxic condition. 1
24. There are several mechanisms hypothesized, including coronary artery embolism, coronary spasm, illegal drug abuse and toxic condition. 1
25. They likewise hypothesized that male chital may be more vulnerable to predation than females because of their spacing behavior in large groups. 1
26. This is simply the sum of the distances between the corresponding end-points of the actual and hypothesized word durations. 1
27. Tyche is the nickname given to a hypothesized gas giant planet located in the Solar System's Oort cloud. 1
28. We hypothesized abnormalities of angiogenin levels in acute coronary syndrome (ACS), with prognostic implications for predicting adverse events. 1
29. We hypothesized that alternate rounds of lamivudine and alpha interferon might circumvent previous shortcomings. 1
30. We hypothesized that congruency will affect stimulus evaluation and compatibility affect response selection. 1

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