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1. A prime characteristic distinguishing basidiomycetes from ascomycetes is the dense mass of dikaryotic hyphae called the basidiocarp -the "mushroom" seen on damp lawns and the forest floor. 1
2. Asexual reproduction produces spores called conidia which develop on the tips of specialized aerial hyphae. 1
3. At higher magnification, Aspergillus hyphae are seen to branch. 1
4. Branching, septate hyphae are close - packed here and radiating outward in this aspergilloma. 1
5. Histo pathology showed granulomatous response with numerous light brown septate branch ing hyphae. 1
6. Hypha (pl. hyphae. 1
7. In the ascomycete sexual cycle, hyphae of different mating strains fuse, giving rise to ascospores that form in a small, saclike ascus. 1
8. In the invading metaphase , the hyphae of the pathogen can invade the cortical area of cells of susceptible varieties, but only can invade the outer cortex cells of resistant descendants. 1
9. In the more advanced fungi, especially the Basidiomycota, nuclei may fuse some considerable time after fusion of hyphae of different mating strains, forming a dikaryon . 1
10. In the polluted soil, mycorrhiza and its hyphae can excrete biochemical substance, change rhizosphere and the structure of heavy metal, and consequently mitigate heavy metal pollution. 1
11. Lomasome An infolding of the plasma membrane found particularly in fungal hyphae and spores, and also in some algae and higher plants. 1
12. Microscopic examination of the crusts found round brown chlamydospores and brown septate hyphae. 1
13. Most fungi have the same basic body structure consisting of a main body or thallus composed of filaments called hyphae. 1
14. Nuclei which will eventually fuse divide conjugately in the binucleate ascogenous hyphae. 1
15. On PDA medium and half-combined PDA medium, hyphae with thick colonies, dense, white, villiform to flocky, grow very well, but aerial hyphae grow faintly and loosely on MEA medium. 2
16. The colony of strain M6 was white, thin and round at beginning, and then expanding layer upon layer with rosette patterns and forming cottony hyphae. 1
17. The fungal hyphae of stripe rust were inhibited, organelles vesiculated and rapidly disintegrated or collapsed. 1
18. The germination and invasion of conidium could be observed on the surface of the flowers by SEM. The germinating conidium and invading hyphae could also be observed in... 1
19. The hyphae can fuse and form a heterocaryotic mycelium. 1
20. The mycelium has transverse septa and does not have longitudinal septa, part of aged hyphae puts forth conidium peduncles, and the conidium peduncles have branches. 1
21. The protein have wide antifungal spectrum, which can inhibited spore germination and penetrated hyphae , dan cause transmogrification of hyphal shape also. 1
22. The results showed that the hyphae of nematode trapping fungi branched radiantly on 0. 1
23. The ultrastructural and cytochemical analysis showed that NF9 and TC3 could enwind and infect the Phytophthora hyphae especially in the hypha within the medium. 1
24. The vegetative hyphae and sclerotia are polykaryotic and the reproductive hyphae dikaryotic. 2
25. The vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of a mass of branching, threadlike hyphae. 1
26. The walls of hyphae are composed of two layers, while the walls of basidium and basidiospore are composed of three layers. 1
27. While the humans nestle into their camp tucked between a grove of manilkara trees and hyphaene palms, buffalo and elephants emerge from the forest to feed in the clearing. 1





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