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1. A large frame schlieren image technique is presented in the paper. The technique has been applied to visualization of the boundary layer transition on the surface of the cone in the hypersonic flow. 1
2. A new method of quickly generating hypersonic waverider forebody configurations was developed. 1
3. A new method of quickly hypersonic waverider forebody configurations was developed. 1
4. A sliding mode observer is designed to estimate the angle of attack and flight path angle for a hypersonic vehicle. 1
5. America's forthcoming "Prompt Global Strike" non-nuclear hypersonic missiles will be able to hit almost any spot on earth in less than an hour—provided excellent satellite data is available. 1
6. As the earth rotation cannot be safely ignored in long-range hypersonic entry condition, an integrated quasi-equilibrium glide condition is presented. 1
7. Atmospheric reentry generates tremendous heating on the undersurface of spacecraft (a couple of thousand degrees Celsius) caused by the friction of the air rushing by at hypersonic speeds. 1
8. Based on the piston theory of supersonic flow, the second lagrange equation is used to set up the dynamic equations of an airfoil with store in the supersonic or hypersonic flow. 1
9. Because turbine based combined cycle has mature turbine technology, being contrasted with other types of combined cycle engines it has more attraction for hypersonic speed prolusion system. 1
10. Earlier this week, the Air Force announced that the X-51 WaveRider, a wingless scramjet, would make its first hypersonic flight. 1
11. FEM FCT is used to solve three dimensional hypersonic inviscid flow. 1
12. In order to study the terminal precision guidance of the hypersonic air-to-surface missile with constraints, the guidance law was designed respectively in the pitching plane and swerve plane. 1
13. In order to study the terminal precision guidance of the hypersonic air-to-surface missile with constraints,(This website/swerve.html) the guidance law was designed respectively in the pitching plane and swerve plane. 1
14. In this thesis, the aerodynamic heating methods of hypersonic projectile are presented. 1
15. It has become the important study that of hypersonic aerodynamic and aerothermodynamics So it is especially important for the optimum design of hypersonic aircraft. 2
16. It is necessary to simulate the high enthalpy, high pressure, Mach number and the same concentration of oxygen species as air in hypersonic flight. 1
17. It′s necessary to recognize the different vortices, when aero-optical distortion caused by hypersonic flow is studied using vortex structure as the turbulence model. 1
18. Numerical methods for hypersonic flow with chemical non-equilibrium reactions on the unstructured grid are used to analyze the drag induction of channel-configurations. 1
19. Some kinds of Newtons theory of collision methods is extended to calculate the supersonic and hypersonic missiles with large slenderness ratio. 1
20. The analysis and computation of chemical non - equilibrium hypersonic wakes are important tasks of reentry aerodynamics. 1
21. The forebody design a key issue for hypersonic airbreathing vehicle. 1
22. The longest previous hypersonic scramjet flight test, performed by a NASA X-43 in 2004, was faster, but lasted only about 10 seconds and used less logistically supportable hydrogen fuel. 1
23. The nature of an open separation has been analysed qualitatively and the numerical simulation has been made for the hypersonic flow with an open separation over the blunt cone at angle of attack. 1
24. The objective of the test is to collect data on hypersonic boost-glide technologies and test range performance for long-range atmospheric flight. 1
25. The paper widens the application of local method which used to be utilized in rarefied flow to the quick prediction of aerodynamic characteristics of missile-like reentry vehicle in hypersonic flow. 1
26. The parabolized stability equations (PSEs) for high speed flows, especially supersonic and hypersonic flows, are derived and used to analyze the nonparallel boundary layer stability. 1
27. The result of this is that the molecules are actually accelerated further and travel at hypersonic velocity out of the engine bell. 1
28. The results indicate that the starting characteristics of hypersonic inlet is greatly influenced by inner contractive ratio, the first wedge angle and the blunted wedge of the cowl. 1
29. The results of numerical and experimental studies of a new configuration of 3D hypersonic inlet with the minimum throat area, which was called a convergent inlet, are presented in this paper. 1
30. The steady hypersonic flow of air over a sphere is studied numerically using CFD-FASTRAN softwares. 1




  - relating to speeds of more than five times the speed of sound (Mach 5).

  - relating to sound frequencies above about a thousand million hertz.


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