Horseman Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A horseman was seen pounding up the street towards division headquarters. 1
2. A jockey enthusiastically presented a Stetson horseman hat to the distinguished Chinese guest. 1
3. A very special example of classic horsemanship in performance is provided by the Lipizzaner, the grey-white stallions of Vienna. 1
4. Are you also a horseman, sir? 1
5. As with many ghosts this headless horseman is only permitted to travel between midnight and dawn. 1
6. Cast a cold eye on life, on death horseman, pass by! 1
7. Each horseman has about 800 k health. 1
8. Fallen branches littered the rides and new growths of whippy little sapling twigs poked down at head-and-shoulder height to a horseman. 1
9. Gerald was a fine horseman. 1
10. Hallow's End New Holiday World Event : The Headless horseman has been seen terrorizing local villages. 1
11. He a first - class horseman and musician. 1
12. He can ride a horse like a horseman. 1
13. He met Diana in 1988 when he was given the job of coaching Prince William in horsemanship. 1
14. He told us the legend of the ghostly horseman. 1
15. He was a great horseman and he fed his horses human flesh to make them fierce in battle. 1
16. He was also a good swimmer diver and horseman, as well as a fencer. 1
17. He was posted first to Reading, and was soon proving himself a soldier and horseman of rare incompetence. 1
18. He was the first to spy the horseman in the distance. 1
19. I am the one horseman of the Apocalypse. 1
20. I was dressed as a horseman at the ball. 1
21. In a short time, he had become one of the horsemanship program's star pupils. 1
22. In the horsemanship contest, a contestant was injured due to an accidental fall off his horse. 1
23. In the horsemanship contest, a contestant was injured due to an accidental fall off his horse.This website 1
24. It was easy then, as the horseman saw, for the stoat to make its kill. 1
25. Lightly armoured and equipped with lance and hand weapon , horseman excel at harassing enemy flanks. 1
26. She had heard that he was a handsome horseman and a practical man. 1
27. She is proud of her horsemanship. 1
28. Skilful horsemanship overcame those problems, but then just 24 hours before the Derby, Nijinsky suffered a crippling attack of colic. 1
29. So the king sent out a horseman. 1
30. So, it is unsurprising that some of the most important writing on horsemanship dates from this era. 1

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