Horror Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. "It's tragic!" swoons Jeffrey in mock horror. 1
2. "Jacob's Ladder", the newest film by Adrian Lyne, is a post-Vietnam horror story. 1
3. "Then let the attempt be made at any risk, " said Georgiana. "Life is not worth living while this hateful mark makes me the object of your horror. 1
4. "What is the matter with Signora Anna?" he whispered, horror-struck at her vacant face. 0
5. 12-29 There was an indrawn breath of horror from the audience and then the anxious and everlasting titter. 1
6. A cry of horror broke from me. 1
7. A cry of horror burst forth from that room. 1
8. A cry of horror burst forth from the crowd. 1
9. A glimpse into the world proves that horror is nothing other than reality. Alfred Hitchcock  1
10. A horror movie completes this evening's TV line-up. 1
11. A little boy had died and, as a mother, I felt horror and revulsion. 1
12. A look of horror crossed Ken's face. 1
13. a parody of a horror film. 1
14. A rare combination of horror, tongue-in-cheek humor and actual eroticism. 1976. 1
15. A Tokyo professor who studied secret papers, claimed the horror was hushed up after the war. 1
16. A writhing horror twisted itself across his features, like a snake gliding swiftly over them, and making one little pause, with all its wreathed intervolutions, in open sight. 1
17. Abhor: To regard with horror or loathing; abominate. 1
18. Accelerating violence and horror eventually hit maximum velocity and warp into nonsense, no matter how erudite the script. 1
19. ACG Club: Pet Shop of Horrors – Do You Need a Pet? 0
20. After 10 minutes or so we both got the most appalling horrors. 1
21. After about six months I decided to see a gynaecologist and to my horror discovered I had blocked fallopian tubes and was infertile. 1
22. After that moment of horror we recovered ourselves, and sure enough, here came the bride. 1
23. After the horror attack the whole area was barred to the public. 1
24. After the terrorist attack was successfully suppressed, the horror-stricken hostages were shepherded across a secret passage to the safety zone. 0
25. Against this unnamable horror, the inmate known as Sigma must face a fate beyond her worst nightmares; something far more terrifying than anything the brutal guards and corrupt wardens could imagine. 1
26. All adown the centuries thinking men have noted these truths, and again and again we find individuals forsaking in horror the life of the senses and devoting themselves to the life of the spirit. 1
27. All eyes were riveted on her in horror, the ladies speedily taking in three salient facts. 1
28. All eyes were riveted on her in horror,(This website/salient.html) the ladies speedily taking in three salient facts. 1
29. All eyes were riveted on her in horror. 1
30. All people, in a word, would come stumbling over their thresholds, and turning up their amazed and horror-stricken visages around the scaffold. 0

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