Honeyed Definition

Below is a list of some of the sentences that use honeyed, so you can learn how to use honeyed in sentences. In addition, you can see the pronunciation of the word honeyed here, and see the words sound like or similar to honeyed

# Sentence Times
1. 'Of course I love you, darling,' she said in honeyed tones. 1
2. A flattering speech is honeyed poison. 1
3. A who speaks with honeyed and pretends to be kind can not be benevolent. 1
4. Confucius said, " A who speaks with honeyed and pretends to be kind cannot be benevolent. " 1
5. For had not Caswell been beautiful - his full, sensuous lips, whispering honeyed words. 1
6. He did not bumble for the honeyed words of the landlord. 1
7. He is reduced to wooing her with honeyed words on behalf of his handsome but tongue-tied young friend. 1
8. His gentle manner and honeyed tones reassured Andrew. 1
9. I could smell the honeyed ripeness of melons and peaches. 1
10. If it's be a while since your base pay were honeyed, the ploy may work. 1
11. Marked notes of quince jam and creamy honeyed flavours enlivened by a good level of acidity. 1
12. Oh, he remembered honeyed, frail evenings walking in the walled grounds of the orphanage. 1
13. On the palate it has flavours of rich orange marmalade that intermingle in a luscious honeyed sweetness which is counterbalanced by a fresh, crisp acidity and culminates in a zesty citrus finish. 1
14. She fed them on the afterdeck, pressing honeyed biscuits on Young Griff and hitting Duck's hand with her spoon whenever he made a grab for more bacon. 1
15. She pushed back the warm honeyed tendrils of her hair from her neck, allowing a tantalising breeze to fan her skin. 1
16. She was able to cogitate quite clearly while exchanging honeyed impertinences with Mrs. Branderton. 1
17. The deployment of a high-sounding, honeyed, provocative methods to destroy humans' multifaceted nature involves contemporary culture's butchery. 1
18. The woman easily is stabbed by man's honeyed words. 1
19. This Chardonnay is an expansive, broad-shouldered example of the varietal with a light-gold color, a rich, honeyed, tropical fruit-scented and flavored personality, and a subtle hint of creamy oak. 1
20. This is a wonderful wine - honeyed and rich without being remotely cloying. 1
21. This week Mr Hazare halted his strike with a cup of honeyed coconut water after the government agreed to pass tougher laws against graft. 1

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