Homogeneous Definition

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# Sentence Times
1. A Gaussian shape instead of a homogeneous radial distribution for the electron beam. 1
2. A greaseproof paper with high wet strength. It is produced by passing a paper web through a sulfuric acid bath that fuses its fibers into a homogeneous mass. 1
3. A homogeneous anion exchange membrane with selective permeability was been applied to gold electrolysis. 1
4. A homogeneous factorisation of a graph is a partition of its arc set such that there exist vertex transitive subgroups (Mtransitively permuting the parts. 1
5. A homogeneous group of, say, Challengers is not likely to be very successful. 1
6. A kind of homogeneous barium-based slag ball used in converter process, belong to slag material used in converter process. 1
7. A low-cost three-dimensional large pore HY zeolite was used in the liquid phase benzoylation of various aromatics with benzoyl chloride instead of classical homogeneous catalysts. 1
8. A method of producing homogeneous magnetic field by three coaxial coils(TCC) with unequal diameters is proposed. 1
9. A process cost system is appropriate in accounting for costs in the production of a large volume of relatively homogeneous products manufactured in a "continuous flow" operation. 1
10. A series of water soluble N-maleyl chitosan and N-phthaloyl chitosan was synthesized in an acid homogeneous solution under room temperature. 1
11. A simulation system for studying the electrical properties of mammalian myelinated nerve fibers was built based on a simple infinite and homogeneous volume conductor model. 1
12. A System Copy between two systems running on the same operating system is called a homogeneous System Copy and can be performed using the R3load tool or by using the DB2 redirected restore procedure. 1
13. According to homogeneous coordinate transition model, the postposition processing algorithm in multi-axis numerical control machining is deduced. 1
14. Al _ 2 O _ 3 nanoparticles with narrow diameter distribution were prepared by homogeneous method using urea as precipitator. 1
15. Although many sons have moved up, the homogeneous character of manual workers' origins contrasts starkly with the middle class. 1
16. An elected body may spring from long democratic tradition or little, from a multicultural society or a homogeneous one. 1
17. An electrophoretic karyotype of Volvariella volvacea was obtained using Contour-Clamped homogeneous Electric Field (CHEF) gel electrophoresis. 1
18. An important case is the linear homogeneous second - order differential equation with constant coefficients. 1
19. And then analysis of the light intensity is given by using the Fourier transform which is based on the homogeneous coherence function. 1
20. And three-dimensional sidewall compression inlet with 25 percent cowl position has high mass capture and total pressure recovery coefficient and isolator exit flow flied is homogeneous. 1
21. AS - 2 thus obtained homogeneous as shown by Sepharose CL - 4 B column chromatography and cellulose acetate film electrophoresis. 1
22. As homogeneous-phase compact nonporous membrane, silicon rubber membrane selectively permeates a large number of organic molecular and is widely applied in the process of membrane extraction. 0
23. As with other social groups informal carers are not a homogeneous group. 1
24. Asphalt concrete is a non - homogeneous material that has anisotropic property, nonlinearity and variability. 1
25. Assuming that the composites are homogeneous and continuous on macrostructure, a representative volume element (RVU) including a stitch repeat and resin was taken to setup analysis model. 1
26. At the same time, carder standard system and china unit system made the modern social structure to be homogeneous while it should be heterogeneous. 1
27. Based on homogeneous barycentric coordinates, a new geometric variable, sharpness factor, is defined for measuring sharpness of independent vertexes. 1
28. Based on introducing the basic principle of DFH, the process of frequency hopping is modeled as a homogeneous Markov chain. 1
29. Based on the simultaneous solution of conservation of mass, momentum and energy, a homogeneous model and a separated two-fluid flow model have been developed for the single-loop pulsating heat pipes. 1
30. Based on the theory of homogeneous transformation and DH method in robot kinematics, the coordinate measuring model of articulated arm system is established, the system measuring space is given. 1

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